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About the Cheat Emporium
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Welcome! This page is run by me, Bolkonskij. Chances are, if you are a regular Macintosh Garden visitor you've run into one of my contributions or postings.

I'm an avid classic MacOS fan and still play some of my favorite games today. (Warlords, SubBattle, Hellcats, SimCity2000, .. just to name a few!)

Being a MacOS gamer was never easy, but it had its advantages. One thing that I wasn't happy about was the lack of a reliable source for hints & cheats.

Don't get me wrong, there is no lack of cheat websites today. But none are dedicated to the classic MacOS. Most don't care about anything pre-OSX. And even if they carry a classic Mac category, it's often just copy & paste from the DOS section with codes that won't work.

My aim is to bring back the good old 90s cheat pages that actually contained more information rather than ads. With cheat codes or walkthroughs that are tested or at least marked untested. (nothing as frustrating as typing "pirntippsguzzardo" in Sim City 2000 and nothing happening .. because you're using version 1.12 on your Macintosh)

So I hope you enjoy this little page of mine. If you do want to contact me, feel free to contact me over at the MacGarden or by sending me an e-mail.

I'd like to send out a big thanks to all the folks that contributed cheats & walkthroughs to usegroups thoughout the 80s and 90s, because this is where I got most of them (collected them for years!).

If the document had your name as author, I've added it. Please let me know if you should discover your walkthrough but without an author credited - I'll add it gladly!

Thanks for passing by! Visitors so far: 30