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Bad Mojo

Hints & walkthrough
A cockroach from Bad Mojo

General game hints

  • Just because it appears the roach can't climb an object, don't give up. Sometimes you are not aligning him correctly.

  • Don't be afraid of things that should make you die. Sometimes they will. Sometimes they won't. Save first and find out.

  • There are lots of hidden videos. Explore all areas thoroughly. Look especially for flaming eye icons and step on them for special video clues.

  • Remember, however; most game clues are extremely inexact, including the instruction clues. The map is the only truly useful item.

  • Don't waste time trying to challenge the water boundaries. There is only one time you can actually cross, and you'll realize how when you get there.

  • Nearly all of the written data will not help you solve puzzles. It's only there to dramatize the story. As for the data that is important, think of a bad thing to use for a password.

  • Don't waste time unneccesarily, but if you think an object should be moveable, try from several angles.

  • Play the game in a room with low light. Many objects and paths are difficult to perceive if there is to much bright light in the background.

The Walkthrough

The Beginning - To the Basement, part 1

  • Follow the pipe into the basement apartment.

  • Find the stove leg in the northwest corner and go up.

  • If you step on the flaming eye icon, you will view your first movie sequence. Pay attention to the look of the icon. They appear throughout the game, and represent some of the many movie sequences where they do.

  • Follow the path to the right, under the burner, and down the next stove leg

  • Avoiding traps and the mouses mouth, go n -n -e to the spider

  • You must kill the spider to get by. Run behind the ciggarette butt so it blocks the spider and you. Then turn the cigarette so it faces the spider, being careful to avoid the flame yourself. He will attack and be destroyed.

  • Cross the decaying rat body, and enter the cockroach corral at the next screen

  • Inside, cross the dead roaches to the safe green areas.

  • For the last strip, you need to push the debris up to the last dead roach to form a bridge.

  • Once outside, climb the table leg and take the first left juncture.

  • Go all the way across, and then go up on the next table leg. You will be by the hammer.

  • Crawl to the east along the top-most cord, being careful to stay on it. (important)

  • When the vacuum starts, follow along the cord to the wall.

  • Take a left off the cord and along the wall until you are caught by the vacuum draft.

  • You will be thrown to the second part of the basement

    The Basement - Part 2

  • Find the fusebox at the top of the mop in the SW corner.

  • The fuses spark when touched. Each spark produces 1 click on their respective Kw Hr dials above. The pattern is simple, from right to left, xyz fuses-> (7)xyz.

  • Enter the date (7)-6-58 to blow the fuse.

  • Return to the floor and go west, to the one leg table by the newspapers.

  • Climb the table, to the back of the radio

  • Climb the silver capacitor to the top to activate a neccesary movie sequence.

  • Once completed, climb to the top of the radio to the sleeping pills.

  • From the back, push on the bottle to pop out a tablet.

  • push the tablet of the corner of the radio and into the beer can.

  • Return to the floor, and go south to the electric socket.

  • Enter the socket by climbing on the cigar box to the corner by the socket

    The Restroom

  • Enter the hole atop the paper towel dispenser.

  • Push the locking lever on the cog to release the paper towels.

  • Travel down paper towels, and go to the west wall, then south.

  • Find the live rat hole, but be careful.

  • Climb the wall by the hole along the water shutoff valve.

  • When you reach the sink, go up again(N) to the mirror.

  • Find an open hole in the mirror, and enter.

  • Once inside, find the razor disposal hole, and go in there.

  • Climb down the plaster board to the beam below. Push the nut off the beam.

  • Return to the rathole, and enter. The rat is now dead.

  • Go to the back of the hole, and watch a new hole magically appear. Then enter.

  • On the pipes, take the 1st W path, then 2nd E path, Then the South path.

  • Exit the ventilator into the kitchen.

    The Kitchen

  • Go down the refrigerator. Then go W followed by SW to the SW corner.

  • Find the clear area by the sponge mop head, and climb the mop.

  • Once on the counter, make your way west to the stove, crossing the knife bridge.

  • Go behind the pots to the middle, and then move towards the front of the stove.

  • Push the bottle cap to make a bridge over your blocked path in front.

  • Enter the open hole on the front of the stove.

  • Find the pilot light cover inside the stove, and close it.

  • Come back out of the hole, and immediately go down 1 screen, W 1 screen.

  • Cross the oven handle.

  • Go south, past the baby roach, around the bend of the syrup and then north.

  • At the thinnest point between you and the baby roach, step into the syrup. The baby roach will climb on your back.

  • Return to the top of the stove, go across the cap, and immediately right.

  • Circle around the far side of the stove and around back, and recross the knife bridge.

  • Go West to find the sink with the fork, knife and spoon.

  • Walk from the spoon handle to the knife handle end on the next screen.

  • The spoon will fall into the disposal, and you may now enter the sink drain. Do so.

    The Bar

  • Go south to the alcohol permit, then east along the bar shelf.

  • Using the candle bottle as a starting point but not counting it, climb to the top of the following bottles in order: 1st bottle(Grenadine), 4th(Blue Caraco),7th(Brandy),6th(Vodka)

    The Living Room

  • Climb up(N) to the second tier of the desk.

  • Find the fan to the east and step on the broken wire ends. You won't die.

  • When the paper flies away, go to the desk's first tier, to the fax machine.

  • Step on the start button, then the copy button.

  • Crawl down the new copies to the suitcase on the floor.

  • Find the TV remote and the cigarrette butt.

  • Align the ciggarrette butt perpindicular to the front of the remote.

  • Press the power button, see video, and then go south.

  • Walk along pencil and mount the butterfly.

    The Den

  • Go west along the desk to the terrarium sitting on the pink towel.

  • Crawl down the light cord of the terrarium to the switch.

  • Go back to desktop, then go east. Find the dying, impaled roach on the bulletin board.

  • Step on the flaming eye icon and watch the video clip.

  • Go north and east until you find a poster with the title "Roach Reproduction".

  • SAVE GAME TWICE using different names. If you screw up, the program marks your last saved game so you can't win with it.

  • Go North into grate to pipe junction. The timer is now running.

    The Ending Sequence

  • Go back to the bathroom. Use your cd jewelcase insert if not sure where.

  • Go North and climb the Urinal.

  • Find lit cigarette, and push off the side.

  • Go back to the floor to where the cigarette fell and spin until the paper towels catch fire.

  • Go back to the drain and to the pipe junction.

  • Return to the den via the pipe, and go to the end of the desk where the terrarium sat.

  • In roughly the spot where the cord was, go down to the floor.

  • Follow open path to roach locket.

  • Step on the locket, and watch the closing scenes.

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