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11th Hour

Puzzle solutions
11th hour logo of the game

Book Puzzle

You need to move the red books to one side and the green books to the other. You can only move pairs at a time, and all of the books must be over the appropriate label on the shelf. You begin like this:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

r g r g r g r g - -

Move the pairs in this order: 2&3, 5&6, 8&9, 1&2. Include the blank spaces when you count!

Cash register puzzle

Divide the keys into equal segments that total 81 cents each. Divide them like so:

solution for cash register puzzle 11th hour

Modern Art puzzle

You play against Stauf. You must make the last move to color in the pieces of the painting.
  1. Click on the dark brown vertical rectangle.
  2. Click on the light brown vertical rectangle on far right.
  3. Click on dark horizontal rectangle in 2nd row from top.
You might have to do this several times before the right sequence is played.

Spider puzzle

Move the brown and white spiders over the correct color eggs in 7 moves. The points of the star are numbered as follows: solution for spider puzzle 11th hour

Mirror puzzle

This is similar to the grate puzzle in 7th Guest but with more pieces and a complicated picture. Pay close attention to the picture of the mirror before you start the puzzle, and then rotate the pieces to their correct position. Be careful, because a portion of the mirror is missing in the puzzle.

Centaur puzzle

You must create a line touching each side of the triangle before Stauf does. Surround Stauf's first move in a 'C' shape, then work the shortest route from your 'C' to the sides of the triangle.

Maze puzzle

Playing against Stauf, you must be the first to create a path to the orange hole for the mouse. You must play the puzzle piece that pops out of the slot; if you can't use it to build your path use it to block Stauf by messing up his path. Placing the piece on one of the right hand square replaces that square's piece (which comes out the slot for Stauf to place on his next move) and shifts the other pieces to the left. Placing it on one of the left hand squares replaces the piece and shifts the others to the right. Placing it on one of the top squares replaces that piece and shifts the rest down; placing it at the bottom replaces that piece and shifts the others up.

solution for maze puzzle 11th hour

Plates puzzle

Put a stack of 2 plates on each point of the star. The positions on the pentagram are numbered like so: solution for plates puzzle 11th hour

Pin puzzle

Make the inner facets of the pin have adjacent colors matching. You can move the whole gemstone by clicking on the 'pearl' in the middle, or rotate the facets by clicking on them.

Pyramid puzzle

You must make two 15-letter words out of the letters, without blocking your path from one letter to the other. The two words are:


Dice puzzle

This is similar to the dollhouse puzzle from 7th Guest. You must make a path from the red square to the white one, and you define the direction for each number's move. Click on the 4 to the right of the start; then the 1 to the right of the 4, the 3 diagonally left to the 1, the 1 diagonal to the 3, the 4 on the top of the cube, then the 2 on the right face diagonally beneath the 6.

Train puzzle

Rearrange the letters to spell STAUF. This one will take awhile, so grab a cup of coffee, something to eat, and make sure your chair is comfortable. :-)

Click on the left rail switcher, then on the green control button to bring the engine to the left of the track. Click on the red control button to send the engine back to pick up the F. Click on the green control button to send the engine and F to the left. Click on the left switcher again, then on the red control button to send the engine through the loop. Click on the green control button to leave the F in the loop.

Click on the left rail switcher, then go back and pick up the A; take it to the loop. Do the same for the rest of the letters. All letters should be in the loop. Click on the right switcher to keep the letters from going all of the way back,then move all of the letters except for the F onto the middle of the track. Back up into the loop to the F, click on the right rail switcher, and back the F all the way to the right. Use this method to move the rest of the letters into proper position.

Beehive puzzle

Sorry, no solution for this one, only hints. The beehive puzzle plays like the microscope puzzle in 7th Guest. You can expand into adjacent cells of the comb, or jump a max of two cells, converting any blood filled cells to honey-filled ones if you move next to Stauf's.

The best way to do this is to take control of one side, filling it two rows deep, then expand to an adjacent side, filling it two deep. From there, work to the middle, filling in as you go. Be very careful leaving 'C' shapes; it's an easy way to lose 6 or more cells to Stauf.

Bishop's puzzle

Mercifully, this one isn't as hard as the bishop's puzzle in 7th Guest! Put the white bishops on the white tinkertoy pieces, and the black ones on the black pieces without moving a bishop into jeopardy. There may be other solutions to this puzzle, but I know this one works. I've gridded the tinkertoys this way, with the O's representing tinkertoy pieces:

solution for bishop's puzzle 11th hour

Trilobyte puzzle

You're playing against Stauf, trying to align 4 bon bons in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. This is one game where the Help system can't really help you; every time I've tried using it to make the moves I've lost. We had the best luck by beginning on one side, filling the bottom row, and working upward to win diagonally. It also seems that Stauf will block you vertically or horizontally first, so if you can manage a 'V' shape you've got him beat.

Bean puzzle

You need to be the first to line up 5 beans in a row or capture 5 pairs of Stauf's beans to win. If you move first, start on one of the edges, lining up at least 3 beans (4 works best), and working outward in a 'V' shape from the bottom. This gave me the best chances of beating him. Also, Stauf will capture a pair of your beans if he can, and you can use this against him to restore your line because he can't recapture those beans.

Easter eggs, nursery, and all of that fun stuff

Don't 'grab' all of the easter eggs, you'll use up too much of your help. Just look at them and remember where they are for later. The white castle and the rattle were hardest to find. The white castle is a white rook on a chessboard in the attic; you'll find it once you solve the train puzzle, to the left of the dressmaker's form. The rattle is in the nursery. After you solve the bishop's puzzle in the Doll Room, turn left; the skeletal hand should let you walk forward when placed on the floor just above the baseboard. And to solve the two cryptographic hints in numbers, use the letters on the telephone corresponding to the numbers.

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