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3 in Three

Some hints
screenshot 3-in-Three
  • The last set of "elevators" can be traversed using one single key. Press the far right key and all the others will align for the "3" to cross all the way from left to right immediately.

  • As you work your way through the puzzles keep track of the letters that appear on the screen after you solve the puzzle. You will need them later.

  • In each of the puzzles for the "Inside Track" the number of the puzzle is spelled downward across the other words. You can locate where to put the number by inserting letters in the squares. When the square turns a different color you know that is where you should be able to spell the corresponding number.

  • Several of the puzzles contain clues that seem to make no sense at all and are just random letters. Try saying the letters out loud to determine if they can become a word. For instance, if the clue is PL, out loud this could become PEEL or PEAL.
Author: Sandy Kettenhofen

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