Apeiron for Macintosh cheats

General advice

At the end of each round, place your shooter below the closest row of mushrooms and hold down the mouse button. This quickly clears away any nearby mushrooms before the Pentipede has descended very far or the Scobster has appeared onscreen. Because the shooter only fires again after the last shot has found a target, don't bother trying this with mushrooms you can't actually touch with the shooter.

Cheat codes

Note: I could not test the cheat codes below yet. - Bolkonskij

Press CAPS LOCK to pause the game and type any of the following codes (this forefits any chances of a high score):

HECTOR8 lives
SQUISH Machine Gun
NALA Invincible
MORRISON Complete the level
NICE BOX Curve Gun
DJARUM Pass through mushrooms
USMC Adds 5,000 to bonus
NUKE EM Destroys all nearby mushrooms
SCUMDOG Cheating scores are saved on high score list

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