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Netscape 4 compliant

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Cheats & level skip
Arkanoid Mac graphics
Enable super-player mode (free capsules on demand)

1. Pause the game with the space bar

2. Type "dsimagic"

3. resume game

4. catch the yellow DS capsule coming down

5. press one of these keys:

"A"Sound toggle
"B"Break (opens gates and awards bonus points)
"C"Catch (holds ball)
"D"Disruption (split into 3 balls)
"E"Expand (make you larger)
"F"Go to last round (level 33)
"L"Laser (use with mouse button)
"P"Extra life
"S"Slow down ball
"W"Break to next level
"X"Let computer play

You can also skip any level by typing enter on the keypad.

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