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Borrowed Time

Complete walkthrough
Borrowed Time mac game graphics
  • Open the drawer and get the check.
  • Go east, east and east
  • Go behind the chair, then north.
  • Lock the door, then go up, break the window.

  • Get glass, enter window, climb the cable.
  • cut cable,enter window,show gun,show gun.
  • Go 2x west, 2x south, 2x west again and then north.
  • Answer "yes", look at the desk, get the bandages

  • Go west
  • Look at the trash, get the bone, drop the glass.
  • Go North, west, north.
  • Break the door, untie Mavis. Get all.

  • Look at the book, get the bookmark, drop the book.
  • Now head 2x south, 3x east. Then North, west, north.
  • Open the door, look at the table.
  • Get the candle, get the matches and light them both.
  • Burn the rope.

  • Go west and move the stove. Bandage hands and get all.
  • Now drop the matches, look can, get receipt, drop the check and off we go!
  • Let's go east, then 2x south, 3x west and north.

  • Show gun, drop bone, show gloves and cans and receipt and tube and bookmark to the police.
  • Get bone and go south, west, west and north.
  • Say Hello, then south, east, north.

  • Say Hello, then go north, untie Rita, talk to wainwright.
  • Choose to wait two times. Then we do a bit of walking
  • 5x East, 2x south, 2x east. Open the box 999, drop the key, get the poem and read it.
  • Go 2x west, 3x south and enter 6316. Get the shovel.

  • Head one scene north and dig a hole. Then go north and 3x west.
  • Hide in the trash. Give bone, drop shovel.
  • Go 3x east, 4x north and say tinplayer. Lock the door. Look at the fireplace, get the paper.

  • Go east, get the candlestick and hide behind the door. Then hit Rocco with the candlestick.
  • Go 2x east, 3x south. Get the suitcase and go north and east.
  • Open the suitcase now, drop the candlestick, get the folder and arrest Farnham.
  • Go north now, show the folder and suitcase and paper and report. Heureka!!

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