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Colony, The

Maps & walkthrough
The Colony Mac graphics

The maps

For every level of The Colony we've got maps for download. Of course in .pict format! :-)

Walkthrough - the beginning

When you wake up from the crasch landing of your Spacecraft your task is to find the Colony, save the children (there are 6 of them) back to the planet Cygnus 7 and to destroy the monstrous scourge that has infected the planet.

First learn to handle yourself by movements of the mouse. At the control board there are the gas handle and two switches. Since reactor fuel has been depleted you can not start again. The left switch turns on the light. The right one fires your ships weapons. You can not do this until you are in orbit and ready for light speed travel, or you will be terminated by own fire.


Look around the spaceship, find the reactor room and storage (to which kids should be brought). At the Airlock there is the opening lock mechanism. This is as far as you can go without the code sheet of the game.

Before you leave, remember to put on your Armour Spacesuit. Heavy armour and heavy weapons is the only good alternative. From now on save temporary games along the way to make possible the start over from a specified point.

Upstairs in one of the rooms the code to the ships reactor can be found. Remember this code.

When you leave the ship remember always to close airlock doors behind you. If not, you'll sooner or later find yourself in trouble. Airlock passing must be made by first closing one door before opening the other. Otherwise you will be terminated.

Outside the spacecraft there is darkness. The Colony can be found in front of the spacecraft to the right. On the other hand, even going in the wrong direction you will sooner or later find the Colony .Don't bother to fight the Aliens outside the Colony. They can be avoided and fighting will use up your energy. You'll need this energy!


The Colony itself is made up of 5 main levels. Below level 5 there are 3 more levels down. At the bottom level, you'll find the reactor, the heart of the Colony. You go from level to level by the central Elevators, or by the side Stairs.

When you find the Colony, you will also find the aliens. These creatures are of different types. For more information look in the Projektor room of level 1. You loose energy when you move, when you fight the aliens and when they hit you.

When shooting aliens, short bursts are most efficient and consume less energy. When you start you have a relatively small amount of energy. You gain energy by passing over an alien in "Egg state". The lower in the Colony you get, the more powerful the aliens become, but you'll also gain more energy from them.

In numerous rooms in the Colony, there are hints and clues to solve the game. Write them down and (if you are patient enough) draw maps of every level. Attached to this help guide there are maps of levels 1 and 5. I didn't bother to make any more ones.

Kill all the Queens. There are 6 queens (1 on each Level and the Mother queen outside reactor. The queens can be anywhere on each level, but most likely somewhere far from the elevators.

Here is a summary of what to find on each level:

Level 1:
In the Store room some boxes hide the entrance to the Colony. You must move these boxes to be able to get back to the entrance if you carry cargo with the truck.
In the Projector room you'll find information about aliens.
In a room near entrance you'll find the Reactor code. Remember this code!
In the Library there is nothing.
In Security a kid (Alexander Asher) can be found.

Level 2:
On this level the School is situated. There is nothing interesting on this level, except for hints in various rooms.

Level 3:
The Hospital and Dorm is on this level. They are not interesting. A kid (Eric Wisznia) is in room 33.

Level 4:
There are six Labs with teleporters on this floor, but they are only fake ones. If you try to teleport yourself you'll explode! However, inside Lab 2 there is a tunnel to Lab A, where 4 real Teleporters can be found. Tele 1 takes you to Tele 2. Tele 2 to Tele 3, Tele 3 to Tele 4, but Tele 4 can not send anything.

There is a Mazerium on this floor, in which you can find a kid (Jes Lee). In one room in the Mazerium, there is an interesting thing, a Monolit. This is however dangerous, since there is no way out and the Monolit doesn't give you anothing.

In the end of Lab 1 there is a kid (Tammy Radmer). Before entering this Lab you'll need a lot of energy, since energy is consumed along the passway.

Level 5:
On this level there are 9 numbered rooms. In Room 5 you'll find the Truck lifter. You need this truck to move teleporters and the kids coffins. Learn to maneuveur the truck. Remember that the truck can only go downstairs.

To get up, you'll need elevators or teleporters. No energy can be consumed when you are in the truck. You are not unwounerable, but it seems that aliens can not hurt you as bad when your're inside the truck.

There are some strange rooms on this floor as well. It's a sort of 3*3 labyrinth that the Aliens has manipulated with. In one of the rooms of this labyrinth you can find a kid(Teri Radmer). When you enter the room, the only way to get back is by teleporter.

On this level, you also find the stairs down to the 3 base floors. Watch out for the holes in the floor!

Level 6:
On this floor, there is a corridor and some rooms, where you can find a kid(Rachel Erickson. In two of the rooms there are also passages to Lab A. Straight ahead from the stairs, you find stairs to next level.

Level 7:
Nothing is found, except stairs to reactor level 8.

Level 8:
Here you find the Mother Queen. To kill her you have to shoot with everyting you got. To enter the reactor hall you also need a lot of energy, since it is consumed in the passage. Probably, you'll have to go down to kill the queen first, and then come back to reactor later.

Remember, that reactor core must be brought last in the game, since you can only go back from reactor hall with teleporter. When reactor fuel has been lifted out, no energy is left for light, elevators etc.

What to do:
In order to save the kids, you should first of all collect the Teleporters to a strategic place near the elevators, then gather the kids along the teleporters (except for the one that you have to leave when getting Teri Radmer).

At least one teleporter must be brought back to the Spacecraft. Two makes it easier. The way from the Colony to the Spacecraft is ahead to the left. Then travel with the kids to the Spacecraft by help of the teleporters. You will soon find out that you can not travel by teleporters if the truck does not carry any load.

There are not enough boxes in the Spacecraft to teleport yourself back all the times. At least one time you need to walk on the outside.

When all kids are saved the time has come to bring the reactor core. A core can only be lifted up. Putting it down anywhere else than on the reactor bed will crash it to pieces. When you have placed the Colony reactor core in the Spacecraft and raising in with the code, you can take of your armoured suit, take off into orbit and shoot the planet into pieces. You did it!

Final boss guide

Remove the reactor core and bring it back to your ship before you try to kill the queen. It is much easier this way. The queen takes about 60 to 70 hits when the reactor is cold and more than 140 if not.

Move very close to the queen. You have to try to get so close that her eyes fill the entire screen. This way she can't see you and you can fire at her at leisure. However, getting this close is a bit tricky and works only one time out of five. This might be a bug you capitalize on.

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