Descent cheats

General advice

To enable Descent's cheat codes, type in gabbagabbahey. Once you're in cheat mode, type in the following codes to get these results:

  • ahimsa = Enemy ships stop firing.
  • biopsytoys = Blows up reactor now.
  • guile = Cloak on or off.
  • twilight = Shields recharged.
  • racerx = Invulnerability
  • FARMERJOE = Level Warp
  • GUILE = Invisibility
  • MITZI = All keys
  • FLASH = This makes a path of energy powerups leading to the exit.
  • BUGGIN = Turbo mode toggle
  • BIGRED = All registered weapons
  • BRUIN = Extra life

You might need to change your keyboard settings so that typing a cheat code doesn't activate a game control. For instance, if you're using default control settings, typing a code that contains the letter B will cause a bomb to drop even if you don't want it to.

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