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Eight Ball Deluxe

Tips & hints
Eight Ball deluxe mac game graphics
  • Use the bottom flippers one at a time to keep the drain opening as small as possible. If you flip them both simultaneously this actually increases the size of the opening.

  • Use either of the bottom flippers to catch the pinball and slow it down. Release the flipper and let the ball roll slowly down to where you want and then press the flipper.

  • Gauge where the ball is when it leaves the flipper and watch where it goes. By doing this you can actually learn to aim the ball at a specific targets.

  • When the ball approaches the middle left flipper it is sometimes better NOT to hit the ball using that flipper. It is in direct line for a ricochet shot down the drain.

  • To sink the eight ball, first catch the ball with the bottom left flipper, let the flipper down, and then flip it back up right away, hitting the ball with the very top of the flipper.

    With practice you'll be able to aim the ball into the eight ball chute. This technique also works with the right flipper aiming at the bonus drop targets or the free ball chute.

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