Exile for the Macintosh

General advice
  • When talking the first four letters of a long word are adequate.

  • Exploration: Establish a base in Silvar and explore north and east of river. (The specific details at the end of 'Exile docs - Hints' are good). Leave NW corner for last.

  • Note keeping is important in Exile. You gradually obtain information about several classes of things. This makes a text editing program with a find command useful for maintaining notes.

  • Towns & Forts: Record the location and wares of the shops and other services available in the town. (A spreadsheet may help here). Very few towns sell high quality armour/weapons. The very best stuff is not sold in shops. Question the mayor or fort commander carefully. He or she may have a mission for you. Tavern characters are harder to question because they don't always provide useful information in response to job/name. Record the names of the tavern layabouts, innkeeper, prisoner and beggars. Some other character may provide the critical question which you must ask another NPC.

  • Rituals and passwords: Remember where you learned this information. You may not have asked all of the right questions about that destination.

  • Magic Weapons and other items: You have to ask in towers, dragon lairs etc. NPCs will give strong hints as to location and some attributes of the items.

  • Alchemy: Don't grab large quantities of ingredients which you cannot yet use. Record the location and leave it for later harvest.

  • Escape from dungeon: Monsters don't reincarnate in combat mode. The party location after ending combat seems to be the average of the individual locations when combat ended. Thus killing the monsters and then moving the individual PCs towards the exit or other goal before ending combat may help.

  • Gold: There is a limit of 25E3. Try to find the place where you can buy skill points before reaching 20,000.

  • Don't kill any dragons until you have interviewed Erika Redman. She knows what questions to ask them.

  • Magic lockpicks last forever.

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