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F/A-18 Hornet

Tips & Secrets
In order to avoid detection by SAM sites and planes, fly at an altitude below 100 feet. Use your shadow to help guide your distance from the ground.

Don't waste your ammunition. One way to conserve is to monitor the distance of your target before you fire away. An AMRAAM missile is pretty accurate when it's within 10 miles. A Sidewinder is accurate within 5 miles.

Flying other planes

One feature that never made it into the manual is how to fly planes other than an F/A-18 Hornet. Hold down the Option button when you select Tour of Duty. Then enter one of the following sets of mission numbers and airplane names:

Mission 01: MG27 / Black Gold
Mission 02: AWAC / BIRD DOWN
Mission 03: MG27 / YOU CAN'T HIDE
Mission 04: MG27 / HOMECOMING
Mission 05: SU27 / JUST SAY NO
Mission 06: MG27 / DUCK HUNT
Mission 07: B52G / BOMBER RUN

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