Fracas for Macintosh

Some hints for this Top-Down Shooter gem ..
  • The only enemies in the game that can shoot at an angle are the enemies on level 9. For all other enemies, simply approach them at a 45 degree angle and shoot. You'll avoid danger to yourself if you do this.

  • When two walls positioned at an angle lack a "cornerstone," you can shoot between the two segments that are connected only at the corners. Again, this provides a safe way of killing enemies without putting yourself in danger.

  • If the boss heads directly toward you, the best thing to do is to keep firing. If you run, he'll overtake you and damage you. If you keep firing, there's a chance he will turn around and move the other direction.

  • The monster on the bonus stage can be easily defeated by firing from the left or the right side of the monster, where you cannot be hit by his shots.

  • Game maps can be easily edited. You can change the file names to change the order of the levels or you can open the level files with a text editor. From a text editor, you can see the layout of each level. It should be a relatively simply matter to change a few characters to place or remove walls or enemies.

  • Press "j" and "b" on the title screen to enter "jukebox mode," where you can listen to all the MOD soundtracks in the game.

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