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Hellcats over the Pacific

Tips & cheats
Hellcat plane graphics

Air Combat advice

  • To register a kill, try to shoot when the Zero is still relatively small. There is a bug, such that even if one's immediately behind a Zero, pouring one's guns into him, he won't die.

  • When dog-fighting, it is usually better to come in low, a little off to the side, and start turning before the enemy fighter flies past you. Put the flaps in the up position so you can turn faster, and if you're about to crash, use your rudders to pull you up without having to roll out (actually, this rudder technique works for all turns). If you do this, you come up behind the enemy, relatively close, and you just have to shoot at him until he gets hit.

  • In order to get someone off your tail start a tight turn, drop the gear, reduce power, and kick in the flaps OR build up as much airspeed as you can, go level, kick the flaps in and pull up into a vertical position. (you need speed for this!)

  • You never need a full tank of gas, and the difference in performance is amazing. No mission really needs more than 50% to be completed in a reasonable amount of time; an extra 20% would be a good reserve.

  • Don't waste ammunition! Use quick bursts instead of long ones. You've only got so much. If you see flames, instantly break of the attack and move to another target

Tiis on ground attacks

  • When attacking enemy targets, try to hit them as you fly over them length wise. This is also very good because many times, you can sink an enemy carrier with only 2 bombs if they hit near the middle of the carrier.

  • As for the best timing of dropping a bomb - make sure shadows are activated in the options and watch yours on the ground. Give this a couple of tries on the training mission target to get a feel for how the shadow indicates your position and the time to drop your ordinance.

  • Don't bomb while flying high up. Hitting the target will be pure luck. Instead do dive bombing. Climb up to 8 to 12 thousand feet. (otherwise the AA will eat you) The ideal angle of a dive is 60 to 80 degrees.

    A good technique is to make sure you're level and look straight down. The field should be about 1/3 the way down the screen (this only works if you are level) You should drop the bomb between 1 and 2 thousand feet to 500 to 800 feet.

  • In order to avoid AA fire, switch to the view from behind. From this vantage point you can see the AA machine gun fire before it crosses your plane, and thereby dodge potentially mission ending bullets.

Landing advice

  • To land on a carrier you must catch an arresting wire. They are on the back half of the carrier. That is the side with the numbers. The tower should be on the right. Using flaps will give a steeper decent. If you miss the wires, gun the throttle and try again.

  • Don't land on a damaged carrier. But if you do, reload quickly, and take off quickly or you will go down with the ship!

Revive a dead pilot

There is a utility called 'Hellcats Rescue.' It will resurrect your pilots from death. Just run the program and choose the Hellcats executable. Next time you restart Hellcats all your deads will be resurrected. I've uploaded the tool to the MacGarden.

Free Refill on Fuel, Bombs and Ammo

AXIS - The GameCheater (available at the MacGarden includes a trainer for Hellcats. I tested it and it works fine with both versions 1.03 and 1.04. (aka the sound-fix patch)

Shortcut to down an enemy

Press control and x to down an enemy fighter without even shooting it. Using this cheat, however, will not present you with a kill on your score sheet though.

Superman cheat

When in the game, press CTRL and S. This gives you the ability to move anywhere in the area in any direction as fast as you like using the 2, 4, 6 and 8 keys. (like e.g. directly behind an enemy). I noticed that enemies will nonetheless open fire on you so be careful. To get back in normal mode hit CTRL and S again.

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