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In the 1st Degree

Complete walkthrough
In the 1st Degree mac game graphics
There's more than one path to get guilty. The walkthrough below is just one one.

First witness interviewed

Ruby - on art theft
  • Ask her about the theft
  • Ask her about Tobin's art work.
  • Were the painting popular
  • What was their financial problems
  • Were there money problems.
  • Where was Tobin. (optional in this order of questioning. It would affect her behavior in court if ask first)
Ruby - on gun
  • Did Zack have a gun,
  • Reveal who owns the gun
  • Why is she surprise?
  • Ask her for more information
Ruby - on Zack
  • Was Zack popular?
  • Did he help her career?
  • Ask her if anything happened with Zack?
  • Does she have any regrets?
  • Suggest it's not her fault?
  • Did Tobin find out?
  • Did She ever read the note?

Second witness interviewed

Simon - on art theft
  • Was he at the gallery?
  • Reveal Tobin's phone call
  • Did Zack pay for the bike?
  • Push him for more informations
Simon - on gun
  • Did he see a gun?
  • Ask for his cooperation?
  • Ask him again if he saw the gun
  • Ask him if Zack had the gun
  • Who did he tell?
  • Suggest he should have told tobin
  • Suggest that Tobin will confess.
Simon - on letter
  • Ask him about the letter
  • Suggest he looked at the letter
  • Did Tobin find out?
  • Attack his story
  • Ask if he told Ruby
  • Push him to cooperate.

Third witness interviewed

Yvonne - on art theft
  • Clarify tobin's motive
  • Follow-up on her letter
  • Ask her about the death threat
  • Ask her about the alarm system
  • Ask her for more information
Yvonne - on crime scene
  • Review Tobin's story
  • Did Tobin arrange the meeting?
  • Follow-up on her story
  • Why would Tobin use a club?
  • Was it something else?
  • Can she clarify the shirt story?
  • Follow-up on the shirt problem.
Yvonne - on gun
  • Ask her about Daryl Barnes
  • Could Tobin have gotten the gun?
  • Explain the importance of the gun?
  • Question her story?
After the interview of the witnesses click go to trial. When the reporter asks you what verdict you expect answer 1st degree. In the opening statement, click emphasize on both options and click done.

Then after all the opening statements you will choose a witness when the judge instruct you to. You can pick any one of them. I choose Yvonne.

The trial

First witness called is Mrs Yvonne Barnes
  • Did she see the fight?
  • Ask her about the alarm system
  • Explore Zack's role in the theft
  • Ask her about the gallery finances
  • Follow-up on Zack's motive
Crime scene
  • Ask her about the day of the murder
  • Ask her about the shirt
  • Follow-up on her story
  • Ask her about Tobin's story
The gun
  • Did she know about the Gun?
  • Read Tobin's transcript
  • Clarify the importance of the gun
  • Challenge her gun story
  • Ask her to explain
Second witness - Simon

Art theft
  • Was he at the Gallery
The gun
  • Was he aware of the gun?
  • Ask about the consistency of his story
  • Accuse him of telling Tobin
The letter
  • Did Tobin know about the affair?
  • Establish a chronology
  • Did he read the letter?
  • Did he tell Tobin about the letter
Third witness called - Ruby

Art theft
  • Does Tobin have an alibi?
  • Ask her about tobin story
  • Ask her about more of Zack's story
  • Pursue Tobin
The gun
  • Did tobin have a gun
  • Does she know anything about the gun
  • Ask her if she slept with Zack
  • Ask her to read Zack's letter
  • Did she read it before
  • Ask her to keep reading
  • Did she lie about the gun?
  • Show her the gun
Fourth witness - Detective Looper

Crime scene
  • Ask her about Tobin's broken table story
  • Did tobin break the table?
  • Examine the crowbar marks
  • Disclose Zack,s prints on the crowbar.
Now it is the turn of the defense to call witness. She is going to call Tobin. When she is done it will be your turn.

Art theft
  • Use the phone message
The gun
  • Examine fight details.
Now you can sit back and watch Tobin go nuts in the court room.

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