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Killing Time

Cheats & hints
Killing Time mac game graphics

General tips

  • Learn the controls inside out - know how to sidestep into a room is a crucial tactic!

  • You cannot carry all the ammunition you find, so remember the location of each cache and return to it when you need more firepower.

  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon. For instance, some guns are much slower to reload but do more damage.

  • The clues offered by the apparitions are vital to completing the game (and make Killing Time more interesting).

  • You won't be allowed into the mansion without an invitation - try looking in the Hunter's Lodge.

  • Use the lack of light to your advantage. You can see better than most monsters and can often shoot them from great distances.

  • The red skulls are particularly lethal foes. Don't get too close to them - attack from a distance.

Cheat codes

Type these during gameplay:

WHOOPDANG Get all guns
OPENSEZME Gives you all the Keys to Matinicus Island
BODYBAGS Gives you all the spiritual Tess Artifacts

Type any of these while at the "Enter Name" screen:

JOHN WOO Dual pistol and lots of ammo
MAD DOG fully charged flamethrower
BURGER Pump-Action Shotgun and lots of ammo

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