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King of Dragon Pass

Tips & hints
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If you're interested in what the "new world" looks like, we've got a map in pict format for you!

About Magic

As the game says, don't allocate all your magic during Sacred Time. I have found that one can get away with overspending during the year (going negative) if the cause is important enough.

Your next year's allotment will take a hit, but the long-term benefits generally outweigh the short-term loss if your clan's non-magical management has been solid.

Clan management tips

The most important deities for general clan management are (alphabetical order) Barntar, Chalana Arroy, Ernalda, Issaries, either Orlanth or Elmal (roughtly equivalent), and Uralda. Lhankhor Mhy can be helpful to some extent later in the game, and it never hurts to keep the Ancestors happy.

Most important deity for resources: Barntar, followed by Uralda. It's then a two-way tie between Ernalda and Issaries. Do not neglect Chalana Arroy, either - sick people can't farm or craft.

Never let your cattle herds get too low. If that happens, you will see them dwindle of their own accord.

Having maximum number of crafters at all times is worth any supposed waste, but it also means that one will have to start recruiting Carls fairly early on.

Explore your tula many times, even a few times after your exploration turns up nothing. Kero Fin is a very important place to revisit, as is Tarsh. Cultivate Vinga. Explore at least once a year.

The "Spare Grain" and "Market" blessings - learn 'em, love 'em.

It is possible to win with a minimum of temples, I have won with only building to Barntar, Yelmalio, Orlanth, Issaries, Chalana Arroy, and Ernalda.

The Preserve blessing can save your clan from starvation, allowing it to amass and hold onto food from plentiful years through bad harvests.

"Grim" may be the pits, but it's livable for a few years at a time if the situation demands it. Do not take desperation measures merely because the clan is momentarily unhappy. Take the long view.

Cattle Raid or Raid at least once a year if a Balanced Clan.

"Kill as many as possible" plus "Skirmish" can be extremely effective when defending the Tula - especially if you have the Thunderstone blessing up. Build your defenses and check to make sure you have patrols going regularly. Raiding will take people away from patrols - you'll need to put them back.

Hunters are a primary way to spot cattle raids against your tula. Combining Sureshot and Thunderstone makes them extremely deadly in skirmish.

"Uncle Sartar Wants You." If you want a truly impressive amount of thanes, every time you send some off on expedition, immediately recruit more. I got a Balanced clan up to 50 thanes by third year of play this way.

Interclan Relations

If one must choose between the Silvertongue and Trading blessings, go for Silvertongue, the overall benefits are greater between trade and diplomacy. It is easier to cultivate trade routes if you've been generous with gifts recently beforehand.

It can be useful to cultivate a Whipping Boy. Find a clan that you can routinely kick around and raid them at least once a year. Eventually they will offer tribute. If you have Thanes and magic to spare, push them to the wall. They'll hire a bunch of mercenaries and magic. Go slap them silly as soon as possible afterwards, just to show that there's nothing they can do to you. Then make peace for a time.

When the truce is up, kick them around some more. Waste no time in doing so. Make sure you have all kinds of magical defensive blessings up - they will try to retaliate with disease, spirits, etc.

If you have inflicted heavy casualties on another clan when it raids you (the Berserk blessing helps), it's a good time to immediately respond with a raid upon them. Land seizure could even work.

Never have more than one feud at a time. As soon as the game starts, try to resolve all feuds (I prefer to overspend clan magic for this purpose). You'll get more.

Likewise, be generous with your gifting. If you've marshalled your market and crafters properly, you'll have plenty of goods to toss around. Remember to give gifts to your Whipping Boy, too. It appears, in the long run, to be better to be seen as fair than to go for short-term advantages at the various festivals.

The more clans you have friendly relations with, the bigger and more variety of temples you can build.

About HeroQuesting

Be prepared to take it on the chin with this one. Apply some "mythologic" to heroquesting. Do Earthy quests in Earth season, for example.

If you have a full-fledged temple to Urox, don't expect the Uralda quest to work. Have a high Magic score and a Trickster on the circle when you try. Ask for help whenever possible. Broad benefits are better in the long run. Sacrifice for myths and call in favors for myths, too. Learn the secrets. Be prepared to fail for no good reason.

Don't be afraid to use "improper" leaders for HeroQuesting.

Save often before heroquesting, since failure is common even if you do everything right.

The Tribe

Don't go for too many clans in the tribe. It can fatally impoverish your clan. My first game ended in clan dissolution because I gave too much away.

Go for clans that don't have your strengths. It's a good idea to make sure that all clans surrounding yours are friendly or allied before you start to build a tribe. Don't get too worried about providing the first King.

A good tribe is instant access to a hundred or so helpers for your heroquests. Also it will let you build larger temples. Remember to maintain friendly clan relations.

Allocate magic to Heroism as soon as possible. This will generate even more nobles.

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