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Kingdom: The Far Reaches

Tips & hints
Kingdom: The Far Reaches mac game graphics

Jumping to a level

  • There are two levels of play: "Apprentice" and "Wizard". Only the very young would need to use the "Apprentice" level for anything but learning the interface, as the "Wizard" level, while detailed and complicated, isn't so difficult as to discourage anyone.

  • There are four spells Daelon will provide, given time. When first playing the game, spend the time to collect all the spells (which are in the form of scrolls) and save the game.

  • With such a saved game (see previous point), players can wander the entire map using the traveling spell. There are lots of people to talk to, and this process will also help place names and people into one's memory. Once players have a general idea of the lay of the land, play can begin in earnest.

  • Visit places more than once. Some locations will provide a different scene the second time Lathan goes there (beware of forgetting what was said the first time!), while other locations will only change after Lathan has accomplished some deed.

  • Since it's possible to save the game at any point, save frequently. Always save a good position separately, however, as you might want to go back and re-play certain sections.

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