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King's Quest II

Complete Walkthrough
King's Quest II mac game graphics
Note: This walkthrough will give you the max of 185 points. The number of points you'll get per action is listed in brackets. But don't just use this list and rob yourself of the fun. Get a beer, boot up your Mac SE and enjoy the humour of King's Quest II.

First Key

  • Travel to the grandmother's house and get the basket of goodies from the mailbox (3)
  • Get clam shell and bracelet (10)
  • Get trident on the beach (13)

  • Walk around until Little Red Riding Hood appears. Give the basket to little red riding hood and get the flowers.
  • Travel to the door, read the inscription (19)
  • Go to couch shaped rock.

  • Give flowers to mermaid (21)
  • Ride seahorse (23)
  • Give trident to Neptune, get bottle containing cloth (27)

  • Get gold key (32)
  • Return to the shore.
  • Enter Hagatha's cave. Stay close to the wall. Go to the cage. Get the cloth from the bottle (34) and place it over the cage (36). Leave the cave. (38)

  • Get the stake (40) by the tree, the necklace from the log (47), and the mallet from the hole in the tree (49).
  • Travel to the door. Unlock the door and read the inscription (57).

Second Key

  • Get blessed by the fairy
  • Go to the church, kneel, pray, say "Graham" to the priest's question, get cross (62).
  • Go the antique shop, open door.

  • Give the old lady the cage, get the lamp (68). Leave the shop.
  • Rub the lamp, get magic carpet (70).
  • Rub the lamp, get the sword (72).

  • Rub the lamp, get the bridle (74) (lamp disappears).
  • Ride the carpet, walk to narrow passage between two rocks, do not cross the passage over to the side by the snake.
  • Put the bridle on the snake, speak to the horse, get the sugar cube (85)

  • Get the key from the cave (90).
  • Exit the cave, "Ride carpet".
  • Arrive at antique shop, go to, get brooch from hole in rock (98)

  • Go to door (99)
  • Open door (110)

Third Key

  • Go the dwarves house (enter and exit until he is not home).
  • Get the earrings from the trunk (114)
  • Get the pot containing the chicken soup (116)

  • Go to grandma's house. Go to slow mode. Enter and exit until grandma (not the wolf) is home.
  • Speak to grandma, give grandma the soup
  • Get the cloak and ring (122)

  • Leave grandma's house, put on the cloak and ring (125)
  • Put on cross (127)
  • Go to the dead lake, in front of the castle entrance.

  • Get on the boat with the ghoul.
  • Before getting off the boat, eat the sugar cube (128)
  • Travel up the path, past the ghosts, enter the castle.

  • Travel to the left, up the ramp, and into the bedroom
  • Open the dresser drawer, get the candle. (130)
  • Travel down the ramp, light the candle at the torch (131)

  • Go across the foyer, into the dining room, and get the ham. (133)
  • Travel down the stairs to the right, into the dungeon
  • Enter the room to your left, if Count Dracula is not asleep

  • Remove the cloak and ring
  • Go to the door, unlock the door, and enter the Strange Land (163)

The Strange Land

  • Go north, get the fish net (164)
  • Stand by the water and cast the net. If you don't catch anything, move up and down the beach.
  • Get the fish and throw it back into the water quickly (169)

  • Ride the fish to the island
  • Go north, get the amulet (173)
  • Go south, enter the tower

  • Go upstairs, give the ham to the lion to make him sleep (177)
  • Open the door, kiss the princess (182)
  • Say "HOME" and the rest is automatic.
  • You are wed and win the game!!! (185 out of 185 points)

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