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King's Quest III

Cheats & walkthrough
King's Quest III mac game graphics
Note: This is - for the most part - a spoiler-free walkthrough for King's Quest III. Enjoy the game! - Bolkonskij

Cheat codes

You can enter debug mode by typing "rats ass". It will show the game version. After that, type one of the following codes:
  • Gimme Spell - gives you all magical items
  • Gimme Gimme - gives you all items in the game
  • Get object - adds an object (by number) to inventory
  • Object room - Shows in which room certain object is located
  • room - shows the current room number you're in
  • show var - shows a variable (by number)
  • change var - have fun poking with variables :-)

Spoiler-free walkthrough

  • From the start head east and north into the kitchen
  • "Sweep kitchen" (with broom)
  • Then get the spoon, the knife, the bowl, the bread, the mutton and the fruit.
  • Next head south, get the cup and go west.

  • Mananan should appear at the stairs. Go up and enter Mananan's room.
  • Go north and look into the mirror. Open drawer beneath it for hand mirror.
  • Open the closet, "look behind clothes" for map. "look on top of closet" to get the brass key. Then open the drawer on the right to get rose essence. Finally, "Get pot" to empty it.
  • Leave the room and right to your room. "drop all" to hide the stuff under the bed.
  • Leave and go upstairs. Look at the telescope, get the fly.
  • Go down and head to your room to drop the fly. (if Mananan appears and zaps you simply reload)

  • After that go down. Manana should appear and tell you about leaving.
  • Now quickly to your room. "Get all". Then go downstairs, north and enter the study.
  • Open the cabinet to get the wand. Go to the books, move books, pull the lever.
  • Go down the stairs (careful about the cat, walk all to the right)

  • Once in the lab, look at the shelf. Grab powdered fishbone, nightshade juice, mandrake root powder, saffron, toad spittle and toadstool powder.
  • Head back to the study. Pull lever. Move books. Open cabinet and place the wand. Then go outside (2x south).

Leaving "home"

  • Open the chicken gate here, get the chicken and the feather. Open the gate, go down the mountain. Once you're on the base of the mountain, head west.
  • Head west. If you get robbed, reload. Go west into desert. Enter and immediately turn to look right.
  • The Medusa appears. When she is close, type "show mirror to medusa".
facing the medusa in kings quest 3
Immediately face away (click to enlarge)
  • Go south, get cactus.
  • Go south twice and get snake skin
  • Go east. Stand still and wait for eagle that drops feather. Get feather, go east 2x.

  • Get mud from river bank, go east
  • walk into ocean and get water.
  • Go north twice, towards the houses.

  • Climb ladder, go west
  • Open door of store. "Pet dog" to get fur and leave.
  • Go south. Get mistletoe on tree, then go west.
  • Open door. If Papa Bear throws you out reload and leave screen before you try again.
  • Once inside, go upstairs. open drawer, take thimble, close drawer and go downstairs.
  • If there's porridge on the table, get porridge and leave. Otherwise exit and re-enter house to get porridge.

  • Look at flowers, get dew, go west, north. "look acorns" to get three acorns ("get acorns" doesn't work).
  • Reach in hole. Climb ladder. Enter treehouse.
  • If bandit is asleep take purse, otherwise restore.
  • Look at map, point to the village and go to the store, open door.

  • Look at shelf, buy salt, buy lard, buy fish oil, buy pouch.

Return to the wizard's home

  • Look at map, point to the mountain and climb up.
  • Open door, go upstairs, east, drop all. Get fruit, go downstairs.

  • Wait for wizard and walk east, feed wizard. Go west, upstairs, and wait.
  • After the Mananan appears and tells you he'll nap, go east and get all. Get cat (try 4x) and get cat hair.
  • Go downstairs, north, open cabinet, move book, move lever, walk downstairs. Walk behind the table.
  • Open book to page II. Follow directions from the manual.
  • Open book to page IV. Follow directions from the manual.
  • Open book to page XXV. Follow directions from the manual.
  • Look at map. Point to the bottom of the mountain.
  • Go east, north. Dip eagle feather in essence and fly into cave.
  • Enter the cave. Exit.

  • Walk around trees and get robbed. Go to hideout and get purse. Open bin in corner and get things. Go down. Dip fly wings in essence and fly over tree hole.
  • Look at map, go to mountain path and walk up. Open door, go north. Move lever, move book, open cabinet.
  • Go south, upstairs, east. Put cookie in porridge. Drop all, get porridge.

  • Go west, downstairs, wait for wizard. Go east, feed wizard.
  • Go west, upstairs, east. Get all. Go west, downstairs, north.
  • Open cabinet, move book, move lever, walk downstairs. Go to the table.
  • Open the book to page VII. Follow directions from the manual, SAVE.
  • Open the book to page XIV. Follow directions from the manual, SAVE.
  • Open the book to page LXXXIV. Follow directions from the manual, SAVE.
  • Open the book to page CLXIX. Follow directions from the manual, SAVE.
  • Look at map. Go to tavern. Open door, talk to man. Give gold to captain.
  • Exit, go east twice, get on ship. Go east and get box.

  • Go west, drop box near forwardmost crate and jump on box, jump on box, jump. Climb ladder.
  • Go west at first level and open chest, get things. (If you get caught, try again)
  • Go east twice, get shovel, west, down ladder.
  • Change speed to fastest and SAVE.

  • Go east and listen to mice. When pirates call Drop Anchor (2nd message), pour the sleep powder on the floor, slumber henceforth!
  • Change speed back to fast and jump on crate, jump on crate, jump.
  • Climb to 2nd level of ship. Look for land.
  • Walk down stairs on ship deck, go east. Fall off ship. Swim east.
  • Walk east, north (quickly).
  • Go south, stand behind palm tree. Walk five steps right, dig.
  • Walk north, east, up path to left, climb rock and go east.
  • At water fall, dip fly wings in essence, fly to top of waterfall.
  • Go east twice to abominable snowman.
  • Go south down middle path. Climb and SAVE.

  • Go straight down until you reach ledge. Enter cave. Climb down. Enter cave.
  • Climb up to the center ledge. Enter the cave and walk east twice.
  • Go up stairs (both flights). Exit cave.

  • Rub ointment on self. Go west.
  • Stir storm brew with finger. Brew of storms, churn it up!
  • Untie Rosella, go east, enter cave, downstairs.
  • Go west, north. Follow gnome north. Congrats! :-)

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