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King's Quest VII

Walkthrough Q&A
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Chapter 1

Queen Honeytongue (Valanice) lands in a desert. She's having a pretty rough day. Nearby are several things.
  1. To the right is a temple, which sports a giant scorpion;

  2. To the left is saltwater pool with a statue nearby (not to mention a statue at the bottom of the pool). Carved into the base of the statue is a set of hieroglyphics depicting a method for creating freshwater from the saltwater in the pool.

    To make freshwater, you must put a corncob in the statue's left hand, and add saltwater and tears to the bowl. The statue's head must be in the "moon" position, not the flaming "sun" position.

  3. Behind the pool is a slit in the cliff. Following that slit, you see a door (the way out) with an arrow-shaped indentation;

  4. Following the cliff, you come to a collection of small huts, one of which has an inscription over it. This inscription tells you how to empty the water from the pool. (Align the three blue beads on the statue in the third column, then press the bracelet on the statue's right arm. The water will empty.)

  5. Behind the huts is a small cave. It contains four pots and a box.

  6. Right of the huts is a pair of rabbit holes and a curiosity shop.
Initially, pick up the piece of fabric the queen has ripped from her gown. Go left, toward the pool, and pick up the stick. At the pool, gather some salt crystals. Go toward the cliffs behind the pool, and walk past the door with the arrow-shaped depression to the area with the huts.

Enter the cave and pick up the pots. All will disintegrate except one. Pick up the box, and open it (hit the eye symbol in the lower right corner of the screen. The box will be shown in 3D; click on it, then rotate it) and remove the corn kernel from inside. Plant the kernel underneath the dripping water next to the huts.

A corn stalk will grow at a fantastic rate. Harvest the corn cob. Take the cob to the statue, and place it in the statue's left hand. Fill the pot with water, and empty it into the statue's bowl.

Finally, stand to the statue's right and comb the queen's hair. Queen Honeytongue is quite the vain creature, and starts to bawl into the bowl. The bowl will glow for a second, and saltwater will turn sweet. Fill the pot with freshwater, and go left (into the open desert).

Give the sweet water to the ghost that appears. He'll take you to his earthly remains, and allow you to have what you find. Get: a bent horn, and bug reducing powder. Take the bug reducing powder to the temple (to leave the desert, go north two panels), and throw it on the scorpion. The scorpion will shrink and run away.

Now, go to the statue inside. Push the teardrop shaped button, and a light beam and three gems will appear. Place the blue gem in the statue's left (upper) hand, the yellow gem in the statue's right (lower) hand, and the red gem in the circular depression on the right side. An arrow-shaped piece of stone will appear.

Go back to the area with the huts. Take a gourd seed from the gourd (next to the corn stalk). Go right to the rabbit holes. Blow the horn into the holes. Brer Rabbit ... or was that Bugs? will fly out of the hole, dropping the spectacles he stole from the rat in the curiosity shop and shedding a clump of fur. Take both.

Knock on the door of the shop, and give the rat his glasses. He will offer to trade with you. Trade the gourd seed for a turquoise bead. Return to the statue next to the pool. Align the beads into a single column, the third from the left. Press the bracelet on the statue's right wrist. The bowl will flip over and the pool will drain. Go down to the bottom.

Place the bead on the statue's platter and THEN remove the V-shaped piece of stone. Fit the V-shaped stone and the arrow-shaped piece together, and place them in the arrow-shaped indentation above the door behind the pool. Leave!

Chapter 2

Like mother, like daughter, they say. Princess Buttercup (Rosella) is quite the peacock, just like her mother. Her first order of business is to become human again.

Beyond the bedroom is a large throne room. From the throne room, one can go in several directions:
  1. The door on the top left leads back to the bedroom.

  2. The door in the middle left leads to a mudbath, where the trolls congregate to ruminate about life in general and give you great big hints...

  3. The door on the lower left leads to a smithy, and beyond that, to a cavern with green pools of water and vein of sulfur.

  4. The door on the upper right opens into the kitchen, where an evil tempered chef is making some great concoction. Now if only he can find the final ingredient...a rat...

  5. Through the door to the lower right is a mine shaft, and beyond it, a crystal cavern where the friendly but unhappy crystal dragon lives.
Leave the bedroom and talk to the troll woman in the throne room. She will tell the princess that to become human again, she needs to gather five things: Baked beans, a gold bowl, emerald water, crystal dragon scale, and a silver spoon. A bratty troll child will appear and drop a toy rat. Take the rat, and pull the shield down from the wall next to the throne. Enter the kitchen.

The cook will throw the princess out after she makes disparaging remarks about his stew. Reenter the kitchen, and place the mechanical rat on the floor. The cook will chase it, darn near killing himself in the process. He leaves the room, but the rat returns to you. Take the gold bowl from the counter and get some baked beetles from the cash-register shaped toaster.

Leave the kitchen and enter the mudbath. Listen to what the trolls have to say. Go to the smithy. Talk to both trolls. The smith thinks he's a regular Casanova, and wants to mooch a smooch, but the jeweler behind him needs money to get new tools so he can blow this joint and make his way in the world.

Go into the caverns beyond. Fill the gold bowl with emerald water from one of the pools. Take the lantern, and get a good whiff of the smelly sulfur vein. Now, leave and go to the mine shaft.

Try to go beyond it into the crystal caves, and a troll bouncer will block your passage. Take the spike off of the shield, and use the shield as a fourth wheel to repair the cart. Use the spike as a bolt to hold it onto the axle. Ride the cart down the hill and knock the troll off into the lava. (And you thought this was a family game.) Go into the caves beyond and walk until you reach the sobbing dragon. The dragon will tell you that he has lost his "spark."

Go back to the smithy and light the lantern in the fire, after pumping the bellows to get a good flame. Take the spark back to the dragon. He'll be very happy, presenting you with a diamond from his hoard and promising to give you a scale - after he returns from a quick flight.

Now, go to the mudbath. Listen to the ladies talk about how they put their menfolk to sleep by burning sulfur. Go to the smithy.

Give the jeweler the diamond. He'll give you his old tools and leave. Go to the cavern below. Step across the chasm by jumping from the pointed projection to the LOWER monolith, and then to the far side. Gather some sulfur and return the same way.

Put the sulfur in the smithy fire. When ol' "Don Juan" falls asleep, use the tongs (from the rack on the wall) to take the hot mold off the table and quench it in the bucket of water. Crack open the mold and take the silver spoon.

Now, return to the dragon's lair. The dragon is asleep and won't wake up, so use the hammer and chisel from the jeweler to knock a scale off his tail. BUT, don't do this until his tail is lying flat on the ground, or he'll thump you with it.

Take the ingredients to the lady in the throne room. She'll concoct a nasty brew to make the princess human again. Malicia (Malicia) will appear and lock the princess in the bedroom. Get out by stacking up the footrest and cushions below the smoking picture.

Pull the picture off the wall to reveal a hidden passage. Crawl along the passage, and you'll see Malicia talking to the king about a volcano controller, and her plans to start an eruption. Following the tunnel along, you eventually reach the throne room again.

Pick up the dragontoad that emerges with you, and show it to the lady troll in the throne room. She'll reminisce about when the king was a child, and the dragontoad was used as a sort of tracking device for the boy. She asks the dragontoad where the true king is currently, and discovers that the troll posing as king is a fake; the true Troll King is being held in Ooga Booga land. She will give you a magic rope to leave the troll caverns with. Malicia will appear as you try to leave; use the rat to scare her away.

Now, go to the mine shaft, and use the magic rope to fix the elevator pulley. Outta here!

Chapter 3

Queen Honeytongue enters the door only to find that a Dino, the multicolored komodo dragon, is blocking her path. What a day. Crying doesn't help, and trying to get it to play fetch is hopeless.

If you don't have the prickly pear fruit, go back and get it from the prickly pear cactus next to the door. You will have to beat it off with the stick (found next to the pool of water). Give the fruit to Dino, and he'll leave. You emerge into a garden with weathered statues.

Go left, and you'll enter a small glade where a stag lies beneath a huge oak tree. Talk to him, and he'll tell you that he is actually Attis (shouldn't that be Cernunnos?), Lord of the Hunt, transformed by some evil force, and that the oak tree is Ceres, Mother Nature herself.

After some discussion, you resolve to help him out if you can. He isn't much help, but he does mention that Feldspar, the ancient rock spirit, might be of some assistance -- if you can wake him. Pretty vague directions, but then, what do you expect from a deer. Go left, and enter a forest clearing from which you can either go west or north.

Go to north, first; to the west is the Were forest, and you're not equipped to handle that just yet. Cross the stream by jumping along the stones, and free the bird from the web on the far side by trappng the spider in the box (from the desert cave). The web will dissolve, revealing a path behind it.

Follow the path to a small village called Falderal. Entering the large door doesn't work: the surly doorman won't let you in. The smaller door to the left, however, is open. Go through it. The doorman will sic the Duke on you, but you can get past him by using the ol' sob story approach (use the comb; this will make Queen Honeytongue cry).

Now, enter the china shop. Talk to the bull, and he will tell you his own tale of woe. His treasure, a china bird, has been stolen. Leave the store, and head east. You will come to the center of town. Spend some time talking to the mocking bird. He's great - he comes up with insults by the dozen. I went through twenty or more and he didn't start to repeat them!

Go see the peddler. He mentions he's got a potion that will cure all your ills AND clean your houseware. You decline, but if you look in the birdcage to his left you will find Treasure, the china bird. Take the bird back to the bull in the china shop, and he'll be so thankful that he'll give you a really ugly mask.

Go outside, put on the mask, and knock on the door of the town hall. You'll be allowed in to the Duke's birthday party, a masquerade affair. Hanging on the wall in the back of the room is a flap of cloth. Pull it back, and go through the opening beyond.

You'll find yourself in a very Escheresque sort of place, with stairways and hallways and pathways and doorways going every which way. With a little experimentation, you'll find out how to get around.

In short, from the initial landing, if you head right, you'll eventually get to the right-side-up door. If you head left, you'll come to the upside down door. Enter the latter door, and you'll find yourself in an inverted room.

Open the desk drawer, and a magic statue will fall up - towards the floor. Leave, and enter the right side up door. Look into the third mirror from the left, and you'll see yourself, upside down. Your upside down alter ego will reach out and pull you into the mirror - and you'll emerge in the room you entered throught the inverted door, only now it will be right-side up, and you'll be able to pick up the statue. Got all that?

Leave the room and the stairway maze, and go back to the center of town. Henny Penny will run around, and now it will look as is she may be right about the sky falling, since a large disk of green cheese falls into the fountain. (If you ask, Henny will tell you that it's the moon.) The resulting splash will scare the mockingbird away, and you can reach into his nest to retrieve a wooden nickel.

Now, eat the salt crystals you brought. This will make the Faux Shop accessible (You have to take it with a grain of salt, get it?!) Go inside, and trade the nickel for a book, and the mask for a rubber chicken. Take the book back to the desert rat, and trade it for a crook. Use the crook to fish the moon (green cheese disk) out of the fountain in Falderal. Now, the town guards will come and arrest you for stealing the moon, and most of all, for walking around with a BALD FACE!

Chapter 4

At the top of the shaft leading out of the troll caverns, the rope suddenly breaks. Princess Buttercup is left hanging at the edge, until some bluefaced guy comes and reaches down to her with a shovel. Huh. Prince Charming he ain't, but beggars can't be choosers.

Grab onto the shovel. Igor the gravedigger will pull you out, then go back to grave digging. Talk to him for a bit, and you'll discover that he's using a shovel because some kids have stolen the rat from his rat-powered tractor. Note the graffiti on the door of the equipment shed: a bat, a skull, and a spider. Go to the left - you'll see a rundown house will the same graffiti on it. Hmm. Starting to look like there's a gang, here.

Go left and down, and you'll see a woman weeping at a grave. Leave her alone - she's a gorgon! - and go right. You'll see one of the little vandals at work on a house.

When he leaves, knock on the door and talk to the doctor inside for a while. He'll tell you that he'd take care of the kids, if he only had a spine - but he donated his spine to a woman who needed it. Leave the house and head right. Climb up to the Jack-O-Lantern house and take: Spine and Foot-in-a-Bag.

Give the spine to Dr. Cadaver. Out of gratitude, he'll give you his pet Jabberwock. Return to the Jack-O-Lantern, and you'll see Beavis and Butthead playing with the rat they stole from Igor (the gravedigger).

Offer them the Jabberwock, in trade for the rat, and they'll take you up on it. Place the Jabberwock in the elevator they lower for it (but don't ascend yourself!) The rat will escape and come to you. Take the rat back to Igor (the gravedigger).

In thanks, he'll give you a horn which will summon him to dig a hole whereever you wish. Go back to the Jack-O-Lantern. Beavis and Butthead have the black cat trapped in a casket, and plan to bury it alive. When they leave (sans casket), open it up with the hammer and chisel. The cat will tell you where the real troll king is hidden (in the Boogy Man's lair, a pile of bones to the southwest) and give you one of his 9 lives.

Go to the pile of bones (2 screens left and one screen down). Stand RIGHT NEXT TO IT and summon Igor (the gravedigger). If the Boogy Man comes, you're standing in the wrong place.

If you have no control over where you stand (ie, every time you try to use the horn Buttercup moves to the center stage) try walking around Ooga Booga land some more. Enter the hole he digs. You'll see a casket locked with a strange combination lock. Three of the symbols, the spider, bat, and skull, you recognize from the graffiti. Press those three symbols and voila! The casket opens, revelaing the troll king.

Unfortunately, Malicia senses what's up and appears in a puff of smoke, and locks you both in the casket together. Give the Dragontoad to the king. He'll annouce that the toad can save you, if he activates it with the jewel from his bracelet. Use the hammer and chisel to help remove the jewel. The dragontoad will awaken and dig you both out.

Emerging into the graveyard just south of the doctor's house, the king will ask you to get to Mathilde (the lady in the troll cavern throne room), stresses that you both need disguises. He pulls out a wand of disguise, which you use on him to turn him into a scarab.

A robe appeares on a nearby treebranch, which you pick up and put on, disguising yourself as the Gorgon. Go back to see Doctor Strangelove - err - Cadaver, that is. He will give you some Agent Orange or whatever to spray on the Swamp Thing that bars your path out of Ooga Booga land.

Leave Ooga Booga land by the front gate (go south from the Jack-O-Lantern). Spray the defoliant on Swamp Thing and then talk to the giant Venus Flytrap. It'll tell you (eventually) that you can get through the Were Forest if you have silver. Now, get the red flower from the carnivorous plant by feeding it the foot-in-a-bag.

Go east until you get to Malicia's house; go behind her house and pull the vines away to reveal a hole in the ground. Widen the hole with the shovel you picked up from the gravedigger's shed, and enter it. (NOTE: if the dog is barking, then Malicia is home and she'll catch you. There should be no one home at this point, but the first time I played this level, the dog was barking. I redid the entire level and then had no problem...)

As you peek up from the floorboard, you'll hear Malicia enter the house. Quickly duck down again (click on the floorboard) and, when the dog comes sniffing around, spray the defoliant at him. He'll leave you alone. When Malicia leaves, enter the room and look in her dresser.

In the bottom drawer, you'll find several items of lingerie and a funny machine part that the king has told you to get. Put the lingerie back, and pick up the woolen sock that drops. Leave.

Go back to the front of the house, and head east to the Were Forest. Go through the forest, and when the Were Bear attacks, use the sock with the silver shot to make a sling. Use the sling to get rid of the bear.

Go to the desert, and get some salt, then head into Falderal. The Duke will be spinning in circles, and will eventually greet you in a dizzy sort of way. Go see the Faux Shop owner (eat salt first), and talk to him about ways into the Troll Caves. He'll tell you to try the Duke's Palace. The Bull in the china shop will tell you the same.

Go to the palace and head to the room with all of the mirrors (see ch. 3 if you're having trouble negotiating your way through). Use the sock on the engraving at the base of the cupid statue to clean off the tarnish, then read the inscription. It will tell you (in so many words) that to get into the Troll Caves, you must feed fruit to the statue. Use the hammer and chisel to pluck a golden grape from the cluster in the top right corner of the room, and feed the grape to Cupid. The fountain will rise, revealing a passageway underneath.

However, the fountain will stick, and even trying to pry it open the rest of the way with the shovel doesn't help. Change the Troll King back to his true form (use the wand on him), and he'll force it open. Follow him down into the caverns.

Chapter 5

Queen Honeytongue is tried and convicted of stealing the moon, impersonating a Falderian, and most of all, having a BALD FACE. She is commanded to put the moon back in the sky -- or else.

Go to the faux shop. Trade the mask for a rubber chicken. Then, go to the peddler outside and trade the magic statue for a jar of were-protection potion. Use the rubber chicken on the forked branch just outside the town hall to make a catapult, then fire the moon up into the sky. (Take a bite out of it, first, just for spite.)

Then rubber chicken will run away, leaving a feather behind. Take the feather. You will be allowed to leave the town now. Go see the rock elemental. You can find him by going back to the muddy riverbed and turning left (ie going to the right side of the screen) to follow the river.

On the next screen, go to the right and you'll find a head-shaped rock. Awaken it by tickling its nose. It will tell you that to help the Lord of the Hunt and Mother Nature, you must restore the river of life by
  • putting nectar into the urn held by one of the white statues
  • putting the divine fruit into the cornucopia held by the other.
Go to the garden of statues (where you first appeared when you left the desert) and try to reach the flowers on the upper left side. The bird you rescued from the web will help you get nectar, which you can collect in your bowl. Fill the urn on the nearby white statue.

The river will begin to flow, and Attis, the Lord of the Hunt, will appear. Follow him back to the oak tree, and talk to him. He will promise to help you get through the swamp. Now, go left into the forest glade, and use the rabbit fur with the were -protection potion. This will turn you into a rabbit, and allow you to run through the were forest. On the other side, Attis will dispel the swamp thing, true to his word. Go past the carnivorous plant and enter Ooga Booga Land.

Go see the doctor and see what he has to say, then visit the lair of the Boogy Man. The black cat that Princess Buttercup rescued will be there, and will bring you up to date on what's been happening. It will tell you that you need to go to Etheria to help prevent the volcanic eruption that Malicia is planning, and that to get there you'll need to get Count Tsepish to take you.

One catch: he is minus a head, so you need to help him get a new one. Go to the Jack-O-Lantern, and ride the elevator up. Take the femur from the mummy, and go back down.

Walk to the dilapidated house left of the graveyard that Igor the gravedigger worked in. When the hound appears, give him the bone. Talk to him, and you'll discover that he was the hound of Count Tsepish.

When you tell him that you're trying to break the Count's curse, he'll give you the Count's medal. Give the medal to his grieving wife, and she'll leave, exposing the tomb of the Count. This seems a good place to look for the head, but unfortunately the door is locked.

Go back to the Jack-O-Lantern. Beavis will be playing with firecrackers outside, and will drop one. Take it, and use it in the lock of the door the the Count's tomb. It will blow the door open. Go to his coffin, open it, and remove the skull. Now, stand in the road (as near to the top of the screen as you can) and when the Count rides in, offer him the skull. He will take it and give you a fife to summon his horse, which will take you to Etheria anytime you are in the lower lands.

Upon landing in Etheria, you find yourself in a meadow from which you can take any one of four rainbows back down to the lower lands of Eldritch:upper right: Falderal upper left: Desert lower right: Statue Garden lower left: Swamp

If you head east, then east again, you'll come to a path that spirals upward. Take it up to the top, climb onto the fallen tree, and pluck some of the lavender fruit hanging on the right side of the screen. This is ambrosia, the fruit of the gods - which you need to place in the cornucopia, remember?

Go back to the statue garden and do so. A whole bunch of fruit will appear in the horn of plenty. Pull out a pomegranite, and place it in the limb of the oak tree (Ceres). Mother Nature will return to her true form. Now, you will need some advice. Try visiting the three Fates. You can get to them by going back to Etheria, then going west and then north.

You will come to a small garden with a harp that has a globe on top. Pluck strings 1, 5, 6, 4 from the left (in that order); this will play the first phrase of the tune that the hummingbirds in the previous meadow were singing. The harp should respond with the second phrase, and the globe will shimmer with color.

Touch the globe, and you will be drawn to the three Fates. Talk to them, and they will suggest that you go see Maab, in the Land of Dreams - but to get there, you must sleep. Go see Dr. Feelgood - er - Cadaver, that is, and go to sleep in his coffin.

You will discover that Maab has been frozen. Go back to see the fates, and they will tell you to see the Lady of the Spring - i.e., Mother Nature. Do so. She will tell you that to thaw Maab, you must take a crystal shaft containing trapped sunlight to the Land of Dreams - but you must go there awake.

See the Fates again, and they will tell you that to get there awake, you must see their nephew. They give you a Dream Web to help. Go to the top of the Mountain of Winds in Etheria (where you got the ambrosia). Use the Dream Web on the creature that comes out of the cave, then enter the cave. Talk to the Dream Weaver inside. He will be pretty aloof and nasty until you show him the trapped nightmare and tell him that his sister Maab is frozen.

Once he hears this, he'll become... somewhat... nicer and give you a magic carpet to take you to the Land of Dreams. Cool. Now all you need is the sunbeam. Go down to Malicia's house. If her dog isn't barking, she's not home. Go inside.

As soon as you get in, you'll hear her enter the hallway outside. Click on the floorboard to descend. When her dog comes sniffing around, offer it the ambrosia to make it shut up.

When Malicia leaves, enter and take a crystal from the lamp on the right side. Leave, and go to the desert temple. Fill the crystal with sunlight from the beam shining down from the face on the wall, and use the carpet to go to dreamworld. (put the carpet UNDER the queen)

A nightmare will appear. Use your trapped nightmare on it - the two will fight and obliterate each other. Swim to Maab's place and use the crystal on Maab to thaw her, and she will give you a bridle to catch Scirocco, the wind steed.

Go to the top of the Mountain of Winds, and stand as far to the right as you can get (in the cleft, not by the cave - there's a new nightmare there now!). When Scirocco flies by, use the bridle on him. He'll take you to see the King of the Winds, who will send his subjects to recover the King and Queen of Etheria.

Chapter 6

The false king and the real king are fighting. It's quite the brawl. Princess Buttercup stands on the sidelines and wrings her hands. "What to do, what to do?" The two trolls help her make up her mind. "Use the wand! Change him back!" "No, Change HIM back!" Loads of help.

Look at the wand. The top will say "T". Click on the base of the wand. The top should now say "F". Point the wand at the false king during a break in the fighting. The false king has green eyes, while the real king has purplish red eyes. The false troll will metamorphose into Edgar, the son of the King and Queen of Etheria.

Malicia will appear, electrocute the King and whisk Edgar away with a strong wind, then leave you clinging to a ledge within the volcano. Get out by digging a hole into the wall behind you, which will lead you into a cave.

Follow the cave along until you come to a door shaped like a face. If you don't have the sweet-smelling flower from the swamp, you'll see a flower nearby. Use the shovel to pry a rock out of the wall below the plant, then stand on the rock to pluck the flower.

Then, go through the door. Touch the eye on the left, then the eye on the right, then the nose to open it. Going through the door, you will find yourself back in the volcano control room. Plug the odd device you picked up in Malicia's house into the socket on the machine behind the King to charge it up, then wake the King with the flower.

He'll stop the machine, mom and Edgar will appear, and then so will Malicia. She'll kill Edgar. Pull the now-glowing device from the socket, and use it on Malicia. It'll turn her back into an infant. Give the extra life to Edgar, and watch the story...

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