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King's Quest

Spoiler-free walkthrough
kings quest mac game graphics
Note: This walkthrough applies to the original 1987 release of King's Quest, as you can obtain from e.g. the Macintosh Garden.
  • walk over bridge
  • go west
  • open door to castle and "enter castle"
  • follow red carpet along to throneroom
  • walk the two steps up and "bow king"
  • talk king
  • leave castle the way you came

The Quest begins

  • walk bridge to the left
  • go north
  • walk to the field and "get carrot"

  • go west
  • climb the big oak tree (if it says you can't you need to get closer)
  • look nest
  • walk to the egg and "get egg" (careful!)
  • go down (same way you came)
  • go south
  • move rock from behind
  • look hole
  • get dagger from hole
  • go back north

  • go east 3 screens
  • Here you should get a magic spell from fairy (if she does not appear, go back one screen and come back. The eventually will appear)
Kings Quest Fairy gives spell
Fairy hands a spell - click to enlarge
  • Got the spell? Then go east two screens (past the goat)
  • go south

  • look in stump (left)
  • get pouch
  • go south 3 screens

  • go east 4 times (past the house, avoid the wizard if it shows up)
  • get bowl

  • look bowl
  • type "fill" twice to get the bowl full of stew
  • go north to river
  • look beach
  • get pebbles

  • go west
  • go south (watch out for the dwarf if it appears!)
  • get walnut from the walnut tree in front
  • open walnut (to discover its golden!)

  • go west (watch out!)
  • go south
  • step into water and enter swim mode
  • swim to the north and go up one screen
  • go west

The witch house

  • get close and "eat house" (leave screen and come back if u hear the witch)
  • open door and enter house (if the witch is home, leave & come back until she's gone)

  • open stove
  • open cupboard
  • get cheese

  • "get note" from the table in the next room
  • read note
  • leave house
  • go north 4 screens (past the old wooden log hut)

The helpful goat

  • go west
  • open gate
  • show carrot to goat (usually one screen west)
  • go south with goat following you
  • go south again

  • go west (lead goat around the water)
  • walk over bridge (don't worry if goat gets stuck, she'll be with you next screen)
  • go west
  • walk over bridge (the goat will help you)
Kings Quest goat versus troll
Another weird King's Quest puzzle (click to enlarge)
  • go south
  • get close to gnome and "look man"
  • talk man
  • ask name 3 times (you can't get it right)
  • get key

  • go south
  • go south past bridge
  • get clover (with four leaves)

Getting the fiddle

  • go south
  • go west
  • go west (past the field)

  • go south
  • go west
  • go west (past mountain lake)

  • go south
  • go west
  • enter wooden log hut

  • give bowl (to woodcutter)
  • get fiddle
  • leave house

The strange house

Don't forget to save, as wolfs, dwarfs and wizards keep appearing!
  • go east
  • go south
  • go east
  • go south twice(past walnut tree)

  • enter the strange house by "open door with key"
  • Go 3x up
  • If a dwarf thief appears on the stairs, reload
  • leave cave (exit to the west)

Getting the magic chest

  • go south
  • go to tree on the right and look at hole
  • get sling

  • go north
  • go west
  • "use slingshot" to shoot the giant
  • get chest
  • go east
  • enter cave and go down (3x) and exit
  • outside the strange house go east
  • walk in this location 'till a little elf appears
  • talk to elf (you get a ring)

Bird airline

  • swim east
  • swim and then walk east
  • go east (2x - past the clover field)

  • wait outside the cave till the giant bird appears
  • jump on bird in the right side from the screen (use key 0)

  • after landing go west
  • get mushroom

A hole to explore

  • go back east
  • jump in the hole
  • go south
  • go west

  • give cheese to rat
  • open door & enter
  • ignore the leprechauns and go south
  • get shield (don't worry, they ignore you for now)

  • go back to the first room (with the two leprechauns)
  • play fiddle to get them dancing
  • go back to king and get sceptre
  • walk up the stairs

  • go to the hole
  • eat mushroom to shrink

Quest for the Magic Mirror

  • outside go north 2x
  • go west (don't worry if the wolf appears, the magic shield protects you)
  • climb into bucket (you will descend)

  • "go water" to exit
  • swim
  • dive water

  • swim trough the hole
  • get closer to dragon and "throw dagger"
  • get the Magic Miror

  • enter hole
  • swim up
  • climb rope

Back to the king

  • go south
  • swim east through lake
  • walk out of lake and go east two screens
  • walk over bridge and go to the king ...

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