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Leisure Suit Larry 6

Tips & money cheat
Leisure Suit Larry 6 mac game graphics
This walkthrough will give you 984 points. It will contain some spoilers (sorry!), so I'd say just peek into it if you're really stuck. Otherwise Larry 6 is rather easy (for a Larry game!) and the puzzles logical.
  • Go up and talk to the woman at the front desk. She will give you your room key. Continue talking to her.

  • Go to your room, look at all three cards on the table, then phone Room Service and Housekeeping. Go to the bathroom and use tap to discover that there is something wrong with it. Go back and call for maintenance (#76). Take the flowers from the table.

  • Go out, there should now be a cart outside your door. Look at it, and take toilet paper, a washcloth, hand creme and soap from the cart. Then go to the other side and take a towel, dental floss and toilet seat covers.

  • Go down to the lobby and take a key from the key deposit box. Go back to your room, and into your bathroom. You should find the plumber repairing your tap. While he's working, take a wrench and a file from him. Then leave the toilet.

  • When he comes out, go in. Put a cover on the toilet seat and sit down. Wipe your ass, and flush the toilet. Wash your hands with the soap.

  • Phone room service again, take the condom from your pillow, go out and take a new soap from the cart.

  • Go to the Salad Bar, and do some digging in the ice box. Take the orange, and go to the kitchen. Dig in the trash and take the lard.

  • Go to the bar, take a match, then go to the pool. Take the inflatable beaver, and look at the floating bar. Take the sunglasses case.

  • Go to the aerobics class, and join in, there is an empty pallet just waiting for you. After all the others have left, go up and look at the instructor. Talk to her, and take her ID card.

  • Catch a ride with the tram, and ride as far right as possible. When Art leaves, use the ID card to open the electrified gate. Go in and take a six-pack of beer from the tent.

  • Go back to the bar, and unplug the singers electric guitar. Talk to her and give her the beer. She gulps down everything, so go back to get her another six-pack. After she has finished her second pack, you have a date for the sauna.

  • Go to the dressing room and undress. Enter the sauna and to some talking.

  • After the girls have left, take the bracelet, and go talking to Char, the woman in the mud bath. Take a mud bath yourself, then take a shower.

  • Get dressed and go to the High Colonics treatment salon. Give the flowers to Rose, sit back and enjoy...

Getting close to mid game

  • Go back to the bar, take Burg's dress from backstage, and go to the make-up class. Talk to the girl in the front row, and give her the dress. She will make a date for you for the night.

  • At the beach do some touching and talking, then give her the condom...

  • Go out from your room, catch a ride with Art, and ride with him to the employees gate. Talk to him, then give him the match. When he leaves, open the back of the tram and use your wrench to sabotage it. When Art returns offer to help him. Take the batteries from the flashlight.

  • Go back to the make-up class, and take the cord lying on the floor. Go back to the mud pool, and give the batteries to Char. Strip the insulation off the end of the cord, plug it in and use the other end on the door's keypad. Enter the room...

  • When you wake up, go back to the electroshock room, and take the pearl lying beside the solarium. Then go to the gym and talk to Thunderbird.

  • Go back to the mud pools, remove the plants from below the security camera, then use the wrench to adjust the camera to show something more interesting.

  • Go out to the security guard, and take his handcuffs, return to the gym and give them to Thunderbird. When she leaves, go to her room, the fourth door from the left. Knock on it and enter...

  • The next morning, take the diamond from the collar, go back to the gym and take the rubber band. Go to the Cellulite Drainage Salon, and put the lard on the piston. Repair the hose with the rubber band, use your wrench to open the filter tank. Take the filter and go and wash it in the kitchen. Replace the filter, close the lid and tighten the screws. Start up the machine for a test run.

  • Go to the front desk and tell Gammy the machine is fixed. Follow her into the drainage salon, apply the probes and start up the machine again. When she asks for the orange, give it to her. She will then ask for a cool cloth.

    Go to your room and wet the cloth, go to the kitchen and put it in the ice. Return to Gammy and give the cloth to her. She will then ask for mineral water. Get it from a tray of leftovers that now shold have appeared in the right-hand corridor. Return and give the bottle to her....

  • Go back to the kitchen, use the air from one of the tires to inflate your beaver. Go to the pool and open the sunglasses box. Take out the sunglasses, and the polishing cloth. Use the dental floss on the cloth to make yourself a swimsuit.

    Jump into the pool with the beaver, and swim out to the bar. Order a drink by hitting the tail of your beaver. When asked for identification show her the wrong key. (or your own, I don't know if there is any difference) Look at the girl and talk to her.

  • Go out of the pool and talk to the lifeguard. He will give you a key to the bungee tower. Enter the tower and climb up. At the top, take the bungee key and use it on the soap to make an impression. Then use the file on the random key to make a copy of the bungee key. Jump down.

  • Give the original key back to the lifeguard, and swim back out to the bar, give the copy to Merrily.

  • Follow Merrliy up the ladder, then do some touching and talking, then finally undress...

The Final

  • The next morning, go down to the beach, take the champagne, and dig a little in the sand, you will find an old lamp. Go to the bar and take a new match.

    Go to the cellulite drainage salon, and fill it with cellulite. Go to the ice machine and fill the champagne bucket with fresh ice. Go back to the kitchen and enter the dumbwaiter. Press the red button, and up you go.

  • At the top, use the fire to light the match, then light the lamp with the match. Go out on the balcony and talk to the girl. Give her the bracelet, diamond, lamp, diamond, orchid, pearl, sculpture and the words of wisdom.

  • Finally, give her the champagne, and sit back and enjoy the endgame animations...

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