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Legend of Kyrandia

Complete walkthrough
Legend of Kyrandia mac game graphics
  • You start at home. Pick up the Garnet, the note, and the saw from the desk
  • Leave the house
  • You will need to find Brynn, who is in the Temple
  • She will ask you to get a flower
  • Leave the temple

  • When you get to the pool catch a tear
  • Put the tear on the tree
  • A boy will come in
  • Follow him
  • When you find him, he will give you a ball

  • Place the ball on top of the altar to fix it
  • Pick a flower
  • Take the flower to Brynn
  • Get the silver flower from Brynn
  • Place it on the altar

  • Go down to the broken bridge
  • Give the saw to Herman
  • Wait for him to fix the bridge
  • Cross the bridge

Darm's Place

  • Go talk to Darm, he wants a quill
  • Walk around and find a walnut, a pine cone, and an acorn
  • Place them in the hole in the ground

  • Talk to the magic flower
  • Find the sick bird in the nest
  • Stand under it, and click on your amulet
  • Get the quill
  • Give it to Darm
  • Get his Magic Scroll
  • Get the Orange gem out of the river

  • Place the gems on the dish in the right order (different each time)
  • Get the flute
  • Play the flute at the entrance to the cave
  • Enter the cave

The Cave

  • Make sure that you always have some fireberries
  • They only last for a few screens, so always stay near a bush
  • Get 5 rocks in the cave
  • Get the coin
  • Throw the rocks into the dish near the gate at the cave entrance
  • Leave the cave

  • Throw the coin into the well
  • Get the moon rock
  • Place the moon rock into the space in the moonlight room
  • Go to the lava, you will need to use your purple amulet to float there
  • Use your scroll to freeze the lava

  • Cross the lava
  • Get the key
  • Go to the chasm
  • Use your purple amulet, and cross it
  • Leave the cave

Zanthia's Place

  • Get the apple, but don't eat it
  • Get a flask from Zanthia (to get more flasks, leave and enter the house)
  • Go to the fire, and use your magic scroll on it
  • Get the sphere thing

  • Place it on the fountain
  • Get some magic water in a flask
  • Drink it
  • Fill the flask again
  • Give it to Zanthia
  • Get some blueberries
  • Put them in the pot followed by a blue gem
  • Get a flask of this blue stuff
  • Place a yellow gem, and a yellow flower in the pot
  • Get a flask of this yellow stuff

  • Open the trap door
  • Get a red flower from the beach near the horses
  • Place the red flower, and a red gem in the pot
  • Get 2 flasks of this red stuff
  • Go to the crystals of alchemy
  • Place the red and blue potions on it
  • Get the purple potion
  • Place the red and yellow potions on it
  • Get the orange potion
  • Go the royal chalice
  • Use your blue amulet on the chalice

  • Go to the little door
  • Drink the purple potion
  • Give the fawn the apple
  • Go to the horses
  • Get a red flower
  • Drink the orange potion


  • Place a red flower on your mothers grave
  • Go to the gate
  • Use the red amulet
  • Open the gate
  • Enter the castle

  • Get the staff
  • Go into the library where the fireplace is
  • Click on the fireplace
  • Go to the Green force field
  • Use your blue amulet
  • Get the key in the ground

  • Go back to the library
  • Pull the books that spell OPEN
  • Get the crown
  • Go upstairs
  • Find Herman
  • Use your yellow amulet on Herman

  • Go into the room
  • Play the bells in this order: 4,1,2,3 (numbered left to right)
  • Get the key
  • Open the bog doors in the Hall with the 2 keys
  • Place the crown, staff, and chalice on the pillows in the right order

  • Go into the Kyravault
  • Use the red amulet
  • Stand in front of the mirror
  • You win!

Author: Jake Olefsky

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