Leyte Gulf for the Macintosh

A lot of general advice from Hellcats over the Pacific applies to this one too. So read them first. After that come back, there are some things special to Leyte Gulf.

Ship attack advice
  • Your torpedoes are sensitive to attitude as well as altitude and speed. You don't have to be very far out or level for the torpedo to fail. You can use an alternate view (rear, chase, ...) to see the torpedo hit the water. If you don't see it 'running' after hitting, then you failed to drop it properly. Go back around and try again.
  • When dropping torpedoes, try to maintain an altitude of 250 or less. Also, keep your air speed to below 140 knots. Also, if your airspeed is too slow, the torpedoes will explode on impact. Try to stay above 80 knots. Sometimes at 100 knots your torpedoes will explode. When approaching a target, remember to sight the ship...find out in what direction the ship is traveling. Approach the target oriented to the bow. Aim slightly ahead. AA gunners are deadly, try not to travel in a straight line, use your rudder and zig-zag to the target. Try not to shoot back, maintain your concentration on the target.
Air attack advice
  • When firing rockets, don't get too close to the explosion. Pilots have had PLANES not only lose engines, but some actually blow up because of the explosions. It is very dangerous firing missiles at planes that are only a few hundred yards in front of you -almost a guaranteed death.
  • When dog fighting with a wingman, go after any smoking Japanese plane, even if the wingman was responsible for the damage. By "scoring" the last hits on the Japanese plane (or better yet flaming it), you can get full credit for a very easy kill.
  • When initially approaching the Japanese fighters, do so completely head on - when you are approximately 1/4 of a mile away, launch a couple of missiles. It is relatively easy to get one smoking in this fashion.
Ground attack advice
  • When using rockets, make sure you aim "above" your target. The farther you are, the higher you aim. This is because gravity has a terrible effect on rockets.
  • When attacking a sub or torpedo, you don't have to hit exactly on target. Hitting anywhere near the front of the wake will kill a torpedo, and hitting anywhere in front or in back of the conning tower will kill a sub. So, if you have a decent shot, but not a bull's eye, fire anyway. Odds are you'll hit.

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