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  • Try to get in front of the pack as you shoot down the entry way at the start of each game. It lets you reach the balls first and keeps you out of any pileup at the entrance.

  • The more speed you get up, the more chance you have of knocking the ball loose from a carrier when you hit it.

  • Timing a laser burst with a ram is also very effective.

  • If your speed is high and your aim good, you can often score from a distance. This helps you be in better position (i.e., closer) when the new ball is placed in play.

  • You may have to mug your own team member for the ball if he starts getting into a repeating loop.

  • Don't leave your magnet on all the time. It eats energy and will drop the ball when it gets low.

  • Jumping over an opponent is good, but the computer is not the best blocker anyway. However, jumping ON a ball carrier often gets good results.

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