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Tips for soul seekers
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  • Concentrate on picking up as many souls as quickly as possible. Time is against you. Get distracted blasting beasts and you'll find you've run out of it.

    Use the radar to locate lost souls and and to locate demons ahead of time. Then fly straight for them, guns blazing. You will have inflicted considerable damage even before the demons show up on the big screen.

  • When pursued by groups of nasty nether dwellers circle them keeping up a steady stream of fire. Effectively corraled, the demons will gradually disintegrate while you sustain no damage whatsoever.

    Once time has expired and the beast shows up you can avoid him for a few seconds by flying off at right angles to his line of attack.

    When he falls back you have a moment to pick up that final soul you might need to move on to the next level.

  • Keep cool and always keep moving. Follow these steps and even the beast will admire your technique. :-)

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