Out of the Sun cheats

General advice

Focus on your target. When you're in air-to-air combat, it's important to concentrate on taking your shot rather than worrying about keeping your plane perfectly level. Let your plane float to your target. If you're always trying to correct your heading, you'll never have enough time to take a shot.

To shoot an enemy out of the sky, sometimes you need to reduce your speed quickly. To do so, cut the engine power to 50 percent and lower your landing gear. If the aircraft doesn't have retractable gear, lower your flaps instead of the landing gear. For an even quicker speed drop, engage your dive brakes too.

Watch your altitude, or you'll probably crash. You should be safe above 1,000 feet. However, when you need to drop a torpedo, you have to fly between 100 and 500 feet -- easier said than done. One way to avoid crashing while maintaining a low altitude is to keep your crosshairs above the horizon. It's not a crash-proof method, but at least you're heading away from the ground.

If you lose sight of the horizon and all you see is blue, remember to use the artificial-horizon indicator. Checking the indicator is less confusing than peering out of your cockpit.

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