Out of this World for the Macintosh

Opening scene shows Lester as he is rudely deposited in a pond. As with most ponds, this one is full of water. The suggested move at this point is to swim. By using the 8 key Lester will swim up to the surface and drag himself out. GO RIGHT, you will encounter 3 black squishy things that are crawling towards you on the ground and dropping down from the ceiling. Use your Shift key to "kick" these into oblivion and continue onward to the RIGHT. The next scene also has 7 leeches, only more of them. Watch the ones on the ceiling and position yourself so that they cannot fall on you while you're dealing with the ones on the ground. Continue RIGHT until you are confronted by that big black animal that's been clocking your action in the background all this time. Although from a distance it looked like a buffalo, believe me, it isn't. (My goodness, what BIG TEETH you have!) Obviously a little kick isn't going to phase him one little bit so RUN to the LEFT. Keep running until you see a vine hanging down in front of you. You will now perform your first "running-jump" just as you get to the vine. Lester will very cleverly catch hold of the vine but, the vine breaks. Lester will now do his Tarzan routine and swing on the vine back to the right and land behind the big black toothy non-buffalo. RUN to the RIGHT and keep running until you are stopped. Well, that takes care of the "buffalo" but it doesn't look as though your situation has improved a great deal!

Oh, what a headache! Who's this funny looking guy? As Lester wakes up he discovers that he is in a cage, hanging from the roof a some sort of cave. Hmmm... how to get out? Start swinging the cage back and forth using the directional keys. The cage will break lose from the ceiling and very conveniently land on top of the guard. Lester and his new found companion jump out of the cage. Since Lester's new friend will be with him for quite some time we need to find a name for him. How about MAC, short, easy and extremely appropriate. Where were we? Oh yes, Lester and Mac jump out of the cage and Mac indicates that he knows the way out. Mac runs to be right but look there on the ground, what do you suppose the guard dropped. Press the 5 key and Lester will pick up what the guard dropped. What do you know, a GUN, how handy!
Follow Mac to the RIGHT as you enter the second frame, be ready, you are going to need to shoot the guard who is coming toward you as you enter the second screen. He's pretty easy to dispense with, now you need to turn around and face the left because you need to keep the other guards busy while Mac short circuits the mechanism that opens the door.

Basic Gun-fighting techniques 1.01 - Once Lester has the gun in his possession he will fire the gun any time you press down the shift key without pressing a directional key first. The gun can be fired in 3 different ways. If you rapidly press the shift key he will fire the gun in the direction he is facing. If you press the 5 key Lester will kneel, thus making himself a smaller target. More often than not, when attempting to surprise a guard, it is wise to quickly kneel and shoot. If you are quick enough the guard will shoot over your head. If you hold down the shift key for a longer period of time the gun will form a "Shield" to protect Lester from the shots being fired at him. You will see the shield as a series of vertical dots. Be sure you keep track of the condition of the shield. It dissipates after awhile and may need to be reinforced periodically. Holding down the shift key for a long time will result in a "power blast" that is capable of blasting away walls, doors, shields and opponents. This "power blast" cannot always be used effectively in combat since it takes so long to form and fire one. You will hear a humming noise which will get louder when the "power blast" is ready to be fired. When you release the shift key the blast will fire. If you release the shift key too early you will only get a shield, not a "power blast".

Back at the ranch

When last we left Lester he was protecting himself and Mac by engaging the guards in gunplay. Remember to occasionally create a new shield so the guards cannot shoot you when your first shield dissolves. You should be staging your defense in the same scene where Mac is attempting to open the door. This way you will be able to throw up one last shield and follow Mac once he gets the door open.

Mac opens the door and exits to the right. Set your shield and run right after Mac. You will come to a platform that is an elevator. Press the 8 key and the platform will rise to the top. Go to the right and Lester will look out the window. Come back to the platform and press the 5 key, the platform will go down. Keep the 5 key pressed to bypass the level where you got on and continue down. Stop at the 1st level below where you got on the elevator. Go to the left and take a look at what is here. There are no guards here to hurt you at this time so you can "case the joint" to your hearts content. You are standing facing a solid wall. Below you there is a guard who is facing 3 partitions that look the same as the wall you are facing, but, in reality they are electric doors. You will need to disrupt the power supply to those doors in order to have time to get past the guard. On the far left of the level you are standing on you will see an empty area. This is a transporter. You will not automatically go down once you get to it, you will need to press the 5 key to go down.

So now you know where you need to go, go back to the right, get back on the elevator and go down to the bottom. The scene where you arrive is empty and you can only go to the left. In the scene to the left there is a VERY fast armed guard. You cannot shoot from one scene to the next so you need to enter the area where the guard is, quickly drop (5) and IMMEDIATELY fire. If you're not fast enough you will be thoroughly dead, disposed of by the guard and the game will automatically re-open with you all the way back in the hanging cage.

Once you've succeeded in killing the guard, look to the left. You will see a line of blinking lights. This is the power supply that controls the 3 doors in the room above. By destroying this power line you will be locking the guard in the room until he has enough time to blast his way out. Shoot the power line, go back to the right and get on the elevator. Go up one level, go to the left and fire a "power blast" at the wall. This will take out the wall but will also alert the guard to the fact that you are there. Once the wall is open, run to the left and when you get over the open space press the 5 key to go down. Immediately run to the left as far as you can. Above you there is another "transporter", press the 8 key to go up and run to the left as far as you can. Mac has been following you this entire time and he will open a trap door in the floor for you. Walk into the trap door and you will drop down into a tunnel. Mac is too big for the tunnel and we won't be seeing him for a long time.

The tunnel is so small that all you can see is the top of Lester's head and he is keeping his arms wrapped around his body. Obviously the only way to get anywhere is to roll. Roll slowly to the left and you will see a spray of poison gas. Count the number of sprays. After 10 sprays there will be a break before the next spray. Immediately roll to the left. If you time it correctly you will just get past before the next spray comes. Roll off the edge to the left and you are now in a tunnel that slopes down to the right. Slowly roll down until you get as close to the next spray as you can without getting hit (about 3 revolutions). Notice that this spray gives two short bursts and then there is a break. You need to roll to the right immediately after the second spray. You will once again fall and land in between two alternating sprays . You need to roll to the right, so once you get a feel for the timing, roll as soon as the right hand spray stops. Keep rolling, following the tunnel until you come out the bottom. There is one area where you can go either right or left but it doesn't matter which one you take. You cannot take a wrong turn and there are no more areas of spray.

Lester lands facing a strange looking room on the left. Walk toward the room and the door will automatically open. Walk into the room and just keep walking until you are lifted off your feet by an electric charge. Whew! Talk about a rush! Wasn't that refreshing? Now your gun is completely recharged. Walk back to the right and you will encounter a solid partition made up of three walls. Use your "power blast" to open the walls. Since you've just used a lot of energy and the re-charging room is right there, it probably wouldn't hurt to go back into the room and "top off" the charge in your gun again. Go to the right through the three walls you've blown open. The next scene is a "freebie". A scene where nothing happens to you and you will not be attacked. The scene following the "freebie" scene comes out into daylight again. There is a guard walking right toward you but at first you are still hidden by the cave. You can shoot the guard without coming out of the cave. The last thing in the world he's expecting to find is someone up here with him and he'll never know what hit him. If you were running and came outside too fast, just shoot quickly and you'll probably kill him anyway. This guard's not too sharp.

You're going to continue to the right, but, as soon as you enter the next scene you are going to be executing a running jump off the tower so be ready. OK, now go! If you timed the running jump correctly you've landed on a shelf with a block wall in front of you. Use your "power blast" to blow a hole in the block wall and walk inside.

The underground caverns

You are now in the underground caverns. These will probably be very familiar to you by the time you're done down here. Go to the right and just walk off the edge of the ledge into the opening. Lester, being the stud that he is, lands with the agility of a cat and does not get hurt. Again, go to the right and walk off the ledge. Now you are standing on a large rock that looks like a short- fat "T". Walk off the right end of this and continue to the right. You will enter a scene where there are some bare bones just at the edge of the ledge to your right. Look up and you'll see why. A hanging garden of carnivorous leeches will put a damper on any body's day! Run to the right and execute a running jump off the right edge of the ledge. Continue to the right BUT as soon as you leave this scene STOP.

When the next scene opens you are greeted with the "shaky, breaky part" of the caverns. This scene has two sections of rocks to be concerned with. The first one happens immediately right in front of Lester. The large rock on the ledge just above and in front of him falls off. As soon as this happens RUN to the right and STOP just before you get to the first large stalactite. (That's the pointy thing hanging down from the ceiling). You will find two boulders falling in front of you, one large and one smaller. At first they fall at the same time but slowly their fall becomes staggered and the large rock falls well before the small one. After this set of two rocks has fallen 9 or 10 times you will be able to run to the right . Immediately after the large rock hits bottom (or maybe even a little before) run to the right and into the next scene. STOP! Once again you need to stop immediately upon entering the scene. The first thing you should do is to notice that the area you are running toward has one of those welcoming hanging carnivore leech-thingies. You will want to be aware of that before you get to that area. Now, watch the two rocks that are falling the closest to Lester. At first they fall at different times and then get closer and closer together. When they hit the ground at the same time you can run to the right and keep on running until you get to just left of the hanging hazard. Turn to the left and Lester should step up onto the ramp going up to the left. Walk left up this ramp just far enough so that when he turns and aims his gun he is pointing at the hanging hazard. Once you've got it in your sights, fire a "power-blast" which will destroy the hanging hazard. Run to the right out of the scene. STOP! Here we go again.

Oh boy, now we've got not just one but TWO of the hanging hazards and what's that on the ground? Man eating pits? Oh boy, oh joy! You cannot shoot high enough to force the leeches to retract and you cannot go forward while in a crouching position so your only chance is to jump. Jump once to go past the first hanging leech group and a second jump to go over the pit of teeth and under the second group of hanging leeches. Walk to just before the next pit and jump in between the two. Jump again over the last pit in this scene. Continue walking to the right into the next scene. STOP! Yup, you guessed it, more pits and leeches. In this scene you can finally exact some payment for all the trouble those leeches have been causing you. If you fire your gun at them they will simply withdraw up into the ceiling. However, if you hit them with a "power blast" I promise you will not be bothered by them again! These pits are a little more challenging as far as where you step. One jump over the first pit and then one more jump over the two remaining pits. Walk to the right and you will come to a gap in the ledge. Just on the opposite ledge is another pit. Get as close to the edge of the ledge and jump over the gap. Jump again over the pit. Walk to the right. The next scene to the right is a "freebie". Then you come to a blank wall. Blow a hole in the wall with your "power blast" and now you get to do the entire trip in reverse.

Go back to the left, jump over the pit, jump over the gap, back over the three pits, then the two pits and finally jump the last two pits and you're back into the scene where the rocks are still falling. Climb up the ramp to the left.

As you go through the next scene you will still be walking up a ramp to the left . You will see a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling. Walk past it and then turn and fire in it's direction. You will startle it and it will fly off to the left. Turn around and follow the pterodactyl out of the scene to the left. You are approaching the edge of a cliff on the left. Watch the pterodactyl and once it becomes... er....otherwise occupied... jump to the stalactite to the left of the ledge. Use the 8 key to climb up the stalactite. Continue jumping to the left from stalactite to stalactite right out of the scene. Now you will find yourself back on top of the squatty "T" rock. Walk off the rock to the left. Turn and use your "power blast" on the base of the rock. It will fall so that it provides Lester with a ramp to run up to the right. Run all the way to the top and to the right.

As you continue through the next few scenes to the right you will jump over several gaps. These will be important to you on your return trip so take note of them as you go to the right. Finally you will come to an area that shows a pond up above and a wall separating you from the pond. What you're going to do is blow away the wall and then run like bloody blue blazes all the way back to the left, jumping over all the gaps as you go. Stand as far to the left in the scene as you can and fire your "power blast". DO NOT wait around to watch your handiwork, IMMEDIATELY turn and run to the left, jump the gap and continue running left. (**NOTE: As soon as the scene starts to change, execute a running jump and then another immediately following. If you wait until you've arrived in the scene before jumping you will find yourself permanently under water.) Just as you reach the far left wall you will find yourself on top of a wonderful rock which acts as a cork. You are now out of danger from the water.

Run up the slope to the right and blow away the wall that you come to on the right. Run to the right and you will come to a set of stairs. Go up the stairs and once you've reached the top, jump over to the right. Continue to the right and cross the green wall. There does not appear to be a walkway but there is one there. After you cross the green wall you will find yourself inside the fortress.

This next sequence will take you the easiest way to go. You will cover a lot of territory between here and the next level. There is a lot of gunplay and you will probably be killed many times. After you die a couple of times you will be more familiar with where the guards are. Once you realize where they are you can dispatch them pretty quickly and then explore the different levels in order to become familiar with this area of the fortress.

Here we go: Look below you. It's MAC!!! He's OK, well, other than being trapped he's OK. You have several choices here but either way you go you are going to get involved with a guard. As a matter of fact, this next section will teach you more than you ever wanted to know about guards.

Go to the right and down the stairs. When you get to the bottom of the first staircase IMMEDIATELY kneel and shoot to the right. Then quickly set up a shield and start shooting, if you didn't get the guard with the first shot you will now be engaged in a gunfight. At first the guard is off-screen to the right so you can't really see him right away, but he's always there. Once you've done away with him it is easiest to go back up the stairs to the left, run to the left across the area where Mac is trapped below you, left through the next scene (dry waterfall) and in the next scene, when you get to the stairs, drop down onto them and go down the stairs to the right.

Once you get to the bottom, go right and proceed back across the dry waterfall. You will come out on top of a platform. Continue right down the stairs and again, once you get to the bottom of the stairs IMMEDIATELY kneel and shoot to the right. There is a guard walking toward you off screen to the right. 9 times out of 10 you will surprise the guard and he won't even have a chance to put up a shield before you "off" him. Now, go back up to the left and when you are on the top of the stairs turn around and shoot the chain that is holding the middle lamp. This is the chain that has been preventing MAC from crawling through the space above! Go back down to the right, continue right through the next scene which is a "freebie". The next scene to the right is also a "freebie" and although the stairs are shown, you cannot go up the stairs on the right of the screen. Instead, see the gap just to the right of the first section of stairs? This is another transporter. Stand underneath the gap and go "UP". Now you can continue to run to the left up the remaining stairs. As you get up into the next scene you will see a guard just going off to the right. Follow him and when you reach the scene you will see the guard on the right, standing behind one of those automatic triple-door thingies. Obviously, if you walk right up to the doors, they will open, and you are going to have several additional holes added to your body without your permission. Walk up to within a couple of paces before the door. Fire your gun to set up a shield between you and the doors and then take another step toward the doors. AS SOON as the doors open reverse your direction and go to the left. Since the doors are automatic they will close as you walk away. The guard realizes that he cannot shoot you so, instead, he will roll some "power bombs" across the floor towards you. When the doors close the "power bombs" will bounce off the closed doors and roll back to explode very neatly underneath the guard. Guard all gone! Go to the right through the triple doors and you will encounter a solid wall. Blow away the wall using your "power bomb" then walk to the right. You now enter another "freebie scene". Overhead there is "charging station" where you can recharge your gun. Stand under the teleporter and go up. Go left to the power charger room and re-charge your gun. Come back down and continue to the right. Here you will see three hanging green globes in the next room to the right. Reflected in the green globes you can see a guard underneath pacing back and forth. As you watch, you will see the reflection go to the right, back to the left and then he will stop directly underneath the globe. Kneel down and shoot the chain holding the globe. If you listen you can hear the sound of the globe as it hits the guard below. Ahh, what a lovely sound. If you miss, you will be fired upon.

Retrace your steps to the left and you will come out at the top of the stairs where you first started following the guard. Go back down these stairs, down through the transporter and walk to the right. You won't get very far but there is no way around it. Even as you poke your head into the scene on the right there is a very disgruntled guard who will not only prevent you from going to the right but will also immediately set about re-arranging your face. Notice where your gun landed when he first hit you. When Lester raises his head use your "action" command to kick the guard. When he drops you, run to your gun and just as you reach your gun kneel down. Lester will automatically pick up the gun, roll to the side and then stand up. Immediately shoot the guard. Kind of satisfying after everything he put you through, isn't it?

Difficult fight ahead ..

Now you are going to encounter the most difficult fight of the game. Go to the right and when you get to the other side of the blue pillar to the right you will be attacked from both directions at once. The best way to handle this is to set up a shield on each side and fire mostly at the guard coming toward you on the right, but, make certain that you keep track of where the guard coming up behind you is. He can walk right through that shield and will shoot you from behind if you let him get close enough. This is a tough fight and it is entirely possible that you will have to repeat it countless times in order to get free of these guys. The next level starts immediately after this fight so it might not be a bad idea to just skip to the next level if you start getting too frustrated.

Now we are going to see how well Lester can swim under water. You are standing on the left side of a tank of water. This is the same tank you blew a hole in the side of when you reached it down below. As a result, all the caverns you ran through before are now filled with water. While this will make avoiding the "teeth pits" easier, it is also a little more challenging to go through the caverns while holding your breath.

The hole you will be entering is on the left side of the tank at the bottom. Jump into the water and use your "down" key to have Lester swim to the bottom. When you reach the bottom you will see the opening on the left, swim through this opening and swim to the left all the way through the next scene. When you come to the next scene you will see two openings leading toward the top. Bypass the first one and go up the second one. Notice that there is a "teeth pit" on the bottom, be careful not to swim to close over the top of this or it will grab you. Swim all the way up to the top of the opening and you will encounter an air pocket. Swim back downward and keep swimming down into the gap which leads straight down from the passage you are in. Once the scene changes you will see a cavern over to the right. Continue to swim down until you can go to the right. Go to the right until you can surface for air then continue to the right and Lester will pull himself up out of the water. Here are two "pits" right on the edge. Jump over them and go to the right. Shoot the power supply which leads to the area up above. Turn around and you are going to go to the left now, BUT, those teeth are almost impossible to cross in this direction from a standing jump so as you leave this scene, make Lester run and then immediately upon entering the next scene have him jump. This way he will jump over the pits of teeth and into the water. Swim back the way you came. Lester can't make it back without the air pocket so you will need to go back up there again for air before you continue back through the cavern to the right. After you've come back up through the tank, swim to the right and Lester will pull himself up out of the water. Go to the right. Ahhh, now you get a chance to admire your handiwork. There is what is left of the guard you crowned with the green globe. Nice Shot!! Continue on to the right and you will find a gap.

Jump down into this gap and immediately use a "Power blast" to blow out the right hand wall. RUN!!! Run to the right and keep on running. You will go through several scenes and two things will be happening as you run through these scenes. First of all you will be under fire from the left constantly. There are too many of them so don't even bother trying to turn and fight it out with them. Secondly, and probably the most important, is the fact that you can see Mac crawling along the air shaft just above you. When you have run as far as you will notice a trap door in the ceiling. When you get directly underneath this door turn and set up a shield for yourself to the left and start firing your gun to the left. Keep firing and setting up shields. Pretty soon you will see Mac's leg coming down from the overhead trap door. Keep firing. Then you will see Mac's head pop down from above. Keep firing. Now you will see Mac's arm reach down to you, when you see his arm, use your "up" command and Mac will pull you up out of there. The guards will continue to shoot up through the opening but they will be discouraged from doing so by a rock that very conveniently falls on them from above.

Final stage

Mac will run to the right into the building. DO NOT follow him. Instead, run to the left and then back to the right. This will put you on a path that runs around the building. You will come out on the other side of the building. Go to the left and proceed about three steps into the building. As soon as you're about half-way between the door and the guard, kneel and shoot the guard. Once you've done that Mac will have disposed of the other guard and you can continue running to the right. You will see the edge of a cliff. Stop and wait for Mac to motion you forward. Go past Mac to the edge of the cliff and Mac will pick you up and toss you to the other side. When Mac attempts to jump, he doesn't make it far enough and ends up hanging from the canopy. Jump over Mac to the left and you will also collapse a canopy but it will deposit you in an underground cavern. When you drop from the canopy just let go, if you attempt to go to the left you will wind up as a skeleton, very rapidly. You will immediately be attacked from the left by guards so set up a shield as soon as you land . Keep attacking and alternately setting up shields. When you've succeeded in killing the two guards, run to the right. As you run you will pass a set of stairs leading up to the left. Continue running to the left and you will come up behind a group of guards. They will exit to the left but one of them will be trapped behind a cell door. To the right of this trapped guard is an automatic door which will open when you approach it. As the door opens kneel but DON'T shoot. The guard will push a red button over his head. This button not only locks the door you are facing but the door in the room above you.

Go back to the right , just past the stairs, turn around and using the "up" command go up the stairs. Jump back to the right, over the stair opening and go as far as you can. Turn around facing left and set up a shield. As soon as the shield is set, shoot a power blast to knock out the wall. The guard who is just on the other side of this wall will start rolling "power balls" at you, but they will be diverted down the stairs. As soon as he has rolled 4 balls you need to shoot him. You will be all right as long as your shield is in force. If your shield fails the guard will kill you. Once the guard is disposed of, jump back over the opening for the stairway and continue to the left. You are now standing over the top of another "transporter". When you use the "down" command the guard on the right side of the wall will use a power-blast to break down the door and then shoot you. What you need to do is IMMEDIATELY upon going down, set up a shield to the right. As soon as the guard blows away the door, use a "power-blast" of your own to eliminate his shield and then shoot the guard before he has a chance to either kill you or set up another shield. Go to the right until you are over another "transporter". Go down, shoot the power cable to the right, come back up all the way through the two transporters and then run back down the stairs to the right. When you get to the bottom you will find a pit where the guard rolled the power balls down the stairs. Walk into the pit and you will go down. The scene you are in is lit, but as soon as you walk into the next scene to the right you will just catch a glimpse of a grating on the ground in front of you. There are guards who will shoot up through this grating so you need to run across it. As you run the lights will flicker off and on so you will be able to tell when you are on the other side. As soon as you are safely past the grating stop running and walk into the next scene. As soon as the scene changes you are on the edge of a ledge. Jump over the gap and continue to the right until you reach the lever on the far right wall. Lester automatically pulls the lever, go back to the left, down the gap and you will enter a scene of mass confusion. Immediately run to the right and keep on running! There will be gunshots and power blasts shooting all around you, just keep running to the right. You will go through 2 complete scenes and then watch overhead for the opening of a transporter. Be careful not to run too far, and immediately use the "up" command so that you will go up out of range of the gunshots. Run to the left and you will come to a gap, keep running and an automatic bridge will cross over the gap. This is the area where Mac has been "hanging out". As soon as the bridge extends he will drop down next to you. Follow him and he will take you back to the right. There is another opening overhead. Use the "up" command three times and you will transport up to join Mac. Follow Mac down the stairs to your right and you will enter a big black Tank.

The next scene opens with Lester coming up into the turret of the tank. You will see the tank roll out into a coliseum type arena and then you will see Lester's hand in the upper right scene. Using the numeric keypad directions need to push the "down" button which will bring up an additional key to the lower left. Push the lower left key and a numeric keypad will appear on the far left of the control panel. There are six buttons, you need to start with the upper left key and push each key progressing in a counter-clockwise direction. Once you have hit all these keys a large white button will appear on the control panel. Push this last key at which time you and Mac are catapulted into space in two separate capsules.

For about one tenth of a second it appears that all your dreams have come true, your capsule has landed in a harem. Unfortunately your are immediately set upon by another gang of guards. (Is there no end to these guys?)

Run to the right and as soon as you exit the building kneel and set up a shield. You will be encountering four guards. Two at first and then two more. Using your shield and shooting, as well as using an occasional power blast will finally enable you to defeat all four of these guards. Continue to run to the right. As you pass a glass partition a guard will burst through it and run in the same direction as you. At first it appears that it may be Mac, but it isn't. A section of walkway will be shot out from under you and as you fall the guard will reach down and catch you by the arm. His only reason for saving you appears to be so that he can torture you. He kicks you into the next scene and as you go flying off to the right you will see Mac drop down behind the guard. All of this beating, falling and being shot has finally taken it's toll and you cannot walk. While Mac engages the guard in fisticuffs drag yourself to the right towards those levers you see there. As soon as you have gone as far as you can to the right and release the direction key the guard will throw Mac off the ledge, stand up and walk toward you. Observe the overhead opening? As soon as the guard is underneath it reach up and pull the lever using the "action" key. If you time this correctly the guard is now a "crispy critter". Drag yourself back to the left and enter circle of light. You will see gunshots but do not pay any attention to them. Once you reach the circle of light you will be transported upward to the top of the city.

Here you can sit back and watch the ending. There is no action to be taken on your part. You have successfully escaped the unknown city. Will Lester survive? Will the pterodactyl devour them? Will Mac learn to talk English? Will Lester learn to talk at all? These things and others will have to wait until such time as the next episode begins.


Author: Sandy Kettenhofen

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