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Police Quest

Complete walkthrough
Police Quest Sierra Mac graphics
This is the walkthrough for the old black & white classic. However, the later remake has the same story (without the keyboard typing), so you'll be able to use this walkthrough too.

Lytton Police station

  • We begin with Sonny standing in the main hallway of the lytton police station. Walk into the locker room (the doorway in the lower righthand corner of the screen).

  • Walk to your locker (it's at the bottom of the right hand bank of lockers,near the bench). type "unlock the locker". type "take all". type "open briefcase" "take all" "close the briefcase" "close the locker."

  • Walk out of the locker room and return to the starting hallway. walk into the briefing room (it's the doorway in the upper righthand corner of the screen).

  • Walk near the newspaper on the lower right hand table."read paper" "put papper down." wait until the officers begin to enter for the briefing,then walk to the upper right righthand table and stand in the empty location. face the chalkboard.

  • Remain there until the briefing is over. "write notes" walk to the pigeonholes on the right wall. "look in hole" "take the note" "read the note".

  • Leave the briefing room walk to the key board on the left wall. "take the car key's". walk to the table against the rear wall;"take a radio extender". walk to the left, down the hallway behind the keyboard. leave the police station.

Outside Lytton Police station

  • Walk to the patrol car at the lower left. perform the required safety inspection by walking completely around the patrol car, passing close to each wheel.

  • Stand by the driver's door;"open the door,"get in the car", "close the door."

  • Get the nightstick" and "drive the patrol car".

On the beat / car accident

  • The screen will change to the overhead map screen.

  • You are the car in the upper left full block. drive around town waiting for instructions.

  • It usually takes about five screens. then you'll receive a radio message from the dispather to respond to a traffic collision.

  • Locate the collision. park your by the wrecked car. (f4) "look at the man." "help the man." "radio dispatch" (ctrl-d) to inform them of the murder.

  • Walk to the crowd of bystanders. "talk to the crowd." a young man will come forward with information about the crime.

  • Ask him, "did you get the license number?" "radio dispatch" to tell them about the license number. Remain at the scene until Sgt. Dooley and Lt. Hamilton arrive.

  • Dooley will prompt you to return to the road. Return to your patrol car and hit the road. drive around some more until you receive a car-to-car radio message from steve to meet him at "Carol's caffeine castle."

  • locate Carol's caffeine castle and park your patrol car. Enter Carol's.

Carol's Caffeine Castle

  • Walk to the lower lefthand table. "sit down." Walk to Steve. Wait for Carol to bring you your coffee. (drink it, if you dare)

  • You'll receive a telephone call from detective hamilton. Walk to the telephone hanging on the back wall. "talk on the telephone".

  • Afterwards return to your table, "sit down," and "talk to steve." when steve prompts you to return to the road, leave the coffee shop, return to your patrol car.

On the beat / traffic stop

  • Drive around awhile ,until you observe a red sports car fails to stop for a red traffic signal.

  • Overtake, and successfully stop, the violator. Leave your car. Walk near the rear end of the sports car. "radio license".

  • Walk near the driver's door. "look at the girl. "when you see a close-up of her face, type "hello." she'll ask for your name. type "Sonny bonds."

  • She'll say she did nothing wrong. tell her, "you ran a red light. "she'll try to talk you out of writing her a ticket. respond, "no". "write here a ticket" "return driver's license to her." "please sign the ticket." "give ticket to the woman". Return to your patrol car.

  • Drive around until you receive a complaint. Proceed to Carol's. Park your car outside,and walk into the coffee shop.

Carol's and Wino Will's

  • Proceed to the counter and "ask Carol about the complaint". leave Carol's and enter Wino Will's.

  • Approach the man in the black coat standing at the bar. "please move your motorcycles."
  • he'll respond in a threatening manner. "use the nightstick" (or press f10). after the bikers clear out, the girl at the bar will speak to you.

  • "talk to the girl." "do you have any information about drugs?". remember what she says. return to your patrol car. resume patrol.

On the beat / DUI

  • Drive around until you observe a drunk driver. overtake and stop the drunken driver. leave your car.

  • Walk to the rear of the suspect's car and use your radio to "radio the license plate".

  • Stand near the driver's door and "talk to the man." "look at the man." "show your driver's license." "get out of the car." "smell the man" "administer the field sobriety test". "handcuff the man."

  • when the drunk begs you to cuff him in the front, respond "no." "search the man. "tell the drunk to" get in the patrol car." follow him to your rear door. "open the back door"

  • "radio for a tow truck" transport your prisoner to the jail. park in the jail parking lot.


  • Get out of your patrol car,open the rear door. Wait until the drunk gets out of the car,then walk him up the steps to the jail door.

  • Stand near the gun lockers. "open the locker" "put my gun in the locker" "lock the locker." "walk to push the button to the right of the large jail door and "push the button."

  • After the door opens,walk into the jail. your prisoner will follow you. tell the jailer, "book him." when he asks what you you want to charge him with, respond, "drunk driving".

  • After you remove and inventory his property "remove his handcuffs." walk him to his cell.

  • Leave the jail, retrieve your gun from the locker,and close the door. return to the police station.

Police station

  • Before exiting your vehicle,"replace the nightstick."

  • Walk to the table in the table in the first hallway. "write a memo." "put the memo in the basket".

  • Enter the next hallway. Listen to Sgt. Dooley's ranting. walk into Dooley's office (through the door at the lower left). "look at the chicken." "talk to sgt. Dooley." leave Dooley's office.

  • contact the officers in the hallway outside. receive your invitation to the blue room party.

  • Enter the locker room,open your locker,and "change clothes." skip the shower by typing "change clothes" again after the message,"a shower would be nice." "take the keys to the corvette". close the locker. return to the hallway.

  • "return the patrol car keys" to the key board. "return the radio extender" to the table. return to the parking lot. enter your corvette. before driving away, "look in the car" and "take the wallet" drive to the blue room for the party.

The Blue Room

  • Enter the blue room and sit at the table with jack.

  • After the celebration, return to the station to pull your second shift.

2nd Shift

  • Go to your locker and "change clothes." "get all" of your stuff from the briefcase. close your briefcase,close your locker.

  • Walk to your position in the briefing room. After the briefing, "take notes." check your pigeonhole. read the note about illegal gambling at the hotel delphoria. take the patrol key and the radio extender on your way out to your patrol car. don't forget your walk-around safety inspection.

  • Drive around on patrol until you receive a radio message advising you of a stolen vehicle.

  • Pursue and stop the suspect vehicle. "call for back-up" and remain in your car until back-up arrives and in place. Then "open the door" and "get out of the car," but do not leave your position of safety behind the open patrol car door.

    "draw gun" (or press f8). "load gun" (or press f6) if it is not already loaded. Order the suspect to "get out of car with your hands up."

  • Order him to "hit the dirt". when the suspect is on the ground, walk over to him and "put gun in holster" (or press f8). "handcuff the suspect."

  • Tell him to "stand up." "search the man" and discover his weapon. "read him his rights". tell him to "get in the patrol car."

  • Follow him to the rear door, "open the door let him sit down,then "close the door." walk jack walks near you,"look at the gun" to see his .45-caliber automatic. "read he serial number." walk to the open driver's door of the suspect's car.

  • Look at the door jamb". "search the car." "open the glove compartment." examine and return its contents. walk to the trunk of the suspect's car. "open the trunk." after it's open, "examine the dope". return to your car and transport your prisoner to the jail.


  • Walk him to the jail door, secure your weapon. push the button,and enter the jail.

  • Book this guy for "drugs," the "remove handcuffs" and escort him to his cell.

  • leave the jail (don't forget your gun) and return to the station.

Police station

  • Walk to Sgt. Dooley's office to learn about your promotion. after Dooley leaves his office,walk behind Dooley's desk. face forword and "read the memo".

  • Go to your locker and change your clothles. take you gun and ammo. return the patrol car keys to the hallway key board.

  • Enter lt. morgan's office (it's the office closest to the parking lot) for your first narcotics briefing. walk to the narcotics office next door for your briefing with Laura.

  • After Laura leaves, walk to the left wall and "take the clipboard."turn pages until you come to the fbi most-wanted list, then "take the fbi most-wanted list. "return the clipboard". take the keys". walk to the file cabinet and "open the drawer." "read the hoffman file."

  • Then, "keep the hoffman file". walk to the yard,and perform the required saftety inspection on the unmarked car. drive to the courthouse.


  • Stand in front of the clerk's window. after the clerk speaks, tell him "i need to see the judge." after he speaks again, tell him "i need a no bail warrant." he'll tell you it must be an emergency, so tell him, "this is an emergency".

  • Wait for the clerk to return,then "open the door" and enter the courtroom.

  • When judge palmer allows you to speak, tell her, "marvin hoffman. "when she asks for evidence, tell her you have "the hoffman file." when she asks for more evidence, tell her you have the "fbi most-wanted poster."

  • When she asks what makes these men the same, say "the tattoo". Return to your car and drive to the jail.


  • Lock up your gun and enter the jail. "give the jailer the no bail warrant".

  • Leave the jail, get your gun,and return to the police station.

Lytton City Park

  • Take Laura to Lytton city park. leave the car and walk into the park. when you are near the picnic table, draw and load your gun.

  • Conceal yourself behind one of the rear bushes. radio Laura, then settle in to wait for something to happen.

  • Two suspects will make a dope deal. remain concealed. when the suspects begin to argue, radio Laura again. remain concealed.

  • Then say, "halt! police". one suspect will flee. leave your cover.

  • Walk near the remaining suspect and "put gun in holster." "cuff the man" "read him

    his rights". "search the man" "look at the identification card." "look at dope." "question simms."
  • Since he's reluctant, "question simms" again. tell him to "follow me" and lead him to your car. before placing the suspects in the car, "question colby." since he's reluctant, "question colby" again.

  • Place the suspects in the car, and drive them to jail.


  • Place your gun in the locker. follow them inside. "book the men" for "drugs." after the jailer speaks, "remove the handcuffs". leave the jail, and get gun.

  • Drop Laura off at the station. follow here advice and head for the blue room.

Blue Room

  • Sit by jack and talk to him. after jack leaves, steve will enter and talk to you.

  • After steve leaves, return to your car and drive to the station.

Police station

  • Go to lt. morgan's office,stand in frount of his desk and hear the briefing. walk to the evidence window (on the rear wall of the opening hallway).

  • After russ speakes, ask him "may i see the black book please?" after looking at the black book, "return the black book."

  • Then, "may i examine the weapon?" "read the tag" to learn det. william's name. remember the serial number,and then "return the weapon."

  • Enter the computer room (beside the evidence lockup), walk to the computer and "turn on the computer." enter "sw9764912" to learn det. taber's mane and telephone number. remember the telephone number then "turn off the computer."

  • Walk into the narcotics office. "use the telephone" to dial the number "1-312-555-3382." Tell Taber you want "information on Taselli". walk to Morgan's office for your next briefing.

  • When he's done, go to your unmarked car (complete the safety inspection),drive to the jail.


  • Lock up your gun, and walk inside. When sweet cheeks marie pauses in her conversation, ask her to "help with the hotel operation".

  • Leave the jail, get your gun,get in the car and drive to cutton cove.

Cotton Cove

  • Exit your car, walk to the body, and "remove the blanket."

  • "open the shirt". "cover the body. "radio dispatch" with the news. return to the station.

Police station

  • Attend another briefing in lt. morgan's office. you'll recetive your undercover costume.

  • Go to the narcotics office, "use the telephone." dial "411"and learn the telephone number of "cobb." "use the telephone" to dial the cobb residence, "555-2622".

  • Then "dial the telephone." call directory assistance "411" again to get the number of "williams." dial "555-4522."

  • When he asks who you are, say "this is sonny bonds." when he asks what do you want say "hoffman".

  • Go to your locker, change into your towel, then "close the locker" "wet hair." "rinse hair". "turn off the shower."

  • Return to your locker, open it, and change clothes again. close the locker.

  • Walk into the final briefing. after the briefing, "look at the phone" to learn Lt. Morgan's telephone number. remember it. walk to your car, do the saftety inspection,and drive to the hotel delphoria.

Hotel Delphoria

  • Park the car. Enter the hotel, walk to the counter,and "ring the bell."

  • "rent a room," then "pay for the room". enter the cocktail lounge (doorway to the left) and walk to the bar. order a "beer" and sweet cheeks will recognize you.

  • Walk to the table,and sit down with sweet cheecks. When the bartender brings over your drinks, "pay the bartender" when the bartender returns with your change, sweet cheeks will introduce you, leave, and the bartender will strike up a conversation.

  • After sweet cheeks returns, get up, walk to the bar,and "give the bartender some money". leave the bar, enter the lobby elevator and "push two."

  • Walk down the second floor hallway to the right until you reach room 204. "unlock the door". enter the room.

  • Respond to sweet cheeks' two questions with "yes." walk to the telephone (it's on the rear nightstand). "use the telephone" to dial "555-6674."

  • Tell lt. morgan it's "sonny bonds". then "use the telephone" "to call directory assistance "411" to learn the number of the "lytton cab company." dial them at "555-9222" and tell them to come to hotel delphoria."

  • Sweet cheeks will then leave to catch the cab. return to the cock lounge, go to the bar and "give the bartender two hundred dollars".

  • Follow woody to the back room, where he'll search you before admitting you to play casino.

  • Walk to the empty chair in the card room,"sit down" and play poker until you win $500.00. return to your hotel room and wait for your back-up officers to arrive.

  • When they are there,stand near the one to the left. "give me the transmitter pen". return to the cocktail lounge, go to the bar and tell woody,"frank sent me."

  • Follow woody to the back of the room again. Sit in the empty chair, and play poker until you win big. after you win enough, frank will ask you two questions. respond "yes" to both.

  • Follow him up the stairs to his suite. As soon as you enter his room, radio your back-up. Follow frank into his apartment. Hang around for the end of the game show!

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