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Tips & hints
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  • Although it may seem like heartless slaughter, stand at the opening of the cavemen's lair and start firing. These stupid creatures will file out in waves to be destroyed. Once the wave has passed, dash in and out of the cave to pick up the many power-ups.

  • Use Cakes and Rocks to knock off enemies around corners or behind walls. They can go over the top and clear out a room before you go in.

  • Use Cakes when facing large groups, because it will take out everything in a small area. It works especially well with the spiders Miss Muffet drops out of her skirt.

  • When using cookies to cross the chocolate lake in Candy Cane Lane, use the lowest one on your screen. The other really doesn't take you anywhere.

  • When you get on icing in Candy Cane lane, be aware you will slide all over the place, so move slow. Be especially careful if you pick up the power-up for speed. You could easily lose control

  • The Bargain Basement Level has some little spacecraft around. If you move to them you can drive them and use them as invulnerable rams for a short time. Use them to clear out Tops, which are harder to shoot on foot than Robots.

  • Be sure to use weaker weaponry once in a while, to save ammo in your bigger weapons. The Suction Cup Gun and Toothpaste Gun are good for all the small enemies

  • When facing Lemon Drops on the Candy Cane level, you can prevent the splatter of deadly juice by shooting them with the Musket. Don't use the Toothpaste Gun, which makes it squirt without destroying it.

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