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Cheat codes
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Cheat codes:

To access these cheats hit ~ key and type in the codes:

give (x) (number)x = h - health n, r, s, c - nails, rockets, shells, cells
impulse 9give all items
impulse 10Pentagram of Protection
impulse 11give rune
noclipclipping off
flyGuess what!
crosshair 1 / 0 toggle crosshair on/off.
r_draworder 1 / 0xray vision
KEYSgives all keys
IMPULSE 255shoot a guy and the guy will blow up
GIVE 1Gives you weapon 1
GIVE 2Gives you weapon 2
GIVE 3Gives you weapon 3
GIVE 4Gives you weapon 4
GIVE 5Gives you weapon 5
GIVE 6Gives you weapon 6
GIVE 7Gives you weapon 7
GIVE 8Gives you weapon 8

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