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Rebel Assault II

Cheats & passwords
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Cheat codes

Note: Hadn't had the time yet to test it myself, so not sure if it works. - Bolkonskij

This cheat will help you get through the game by subtracting damage you get during the level you are playing.

  1. While you are playing , and you have a lot of damage, press option + v. You have to do this twice during game play.

  2. The paused screen will appear, but up in the left hand corner it will say "enter access code". Type in "letgo" ( no space between). It should say "using the force"

  3. After it press the space bar to un-pause the game. As soon as you un-pause the game and the screen is in motion again type option + v!

  4. When the paused screen appears again type "let go is no try" (remember no spaces between the words!) Then it will say "yoda power mode activated". Press space bar to un-pause the game.

  5. Now when you have a lot of damage, press control, shift + (plus). This will take away all your damage. If you get more just do control shift + (plus).

Passwords for all missions

Mission Mission
02 Jabba
03 Endor
04 Lachton
05 Borsk
06 Kroyies
07 Auril
08 Kampl
09 Ferrier
10 Galia
11 Denarri
12 Sadow
13 Anderon
14 Aleema
15 Cathar
END Dominis

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