Rescue for Macintosh cheats

General advice (based on v.2.0.3)
Do you want to know how to get the Phaser Cannon? The one that is secretly hid in this new version, based on the last episode of the ST:TNG?
Go to the planet Morklin 9. Make sure your sensor scan is on, so you can see how many people there are. Go to your speed setting (not your warp drive, I'm talking about the one in the menu bar) and put it at the slowest possible. Beam down away team. When the count gets down to 1, beam team up quick. Make sure there is still 1 person left on the planet or you have to start over and do it again. After a few seconds there will be a message asking do you want the Phaser Cannon? Of course press okay. Now you have much more phaser power and the PHASER CANNON! Congrats!! Beam team down again get that last surviver, beam them back up. And now head for a starbase so you can get full energy and power. *NOTE* Not everytime you go to Morklin 9, will your download count beable to get a 1. You will have to try several times before this happens unless your lucky.

The second that your Enterprise blows up (from an enemy ship or whatever) press the communicate button (open-apple Y) and a message will appear, that will surprise you!

Want to contact Q?
If not here's how to do it. Press the communicate button several times (open-apple Y) around a wormhole. This will make Q speak to you, but be nice to him or you'll upset him and he'll send the Borg out to destroy you and everything. If you defeat the Borg and go back to Q he won't bother you again. If you have the Phaser Cannon, you can defeat the Borg with no problem, and no help.

Want to have some friendly fun?
Attack a Starbase or friendlies (klingons, Ferengi's), make sure you have the Phaser Cannon, or you probably won't last long.

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