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Lighthouse area
Talk to the Keeper in the lighthouse. Cut the vine and tie on wood planks to make raft. Use raft to travel down the river and turn when you get to the bridge.

The town of west Shanbar

Gift shop
The key is behind the Old Mill. Battery for the Orb is inside the shop. Cash drawer has money and Dizzyworld tickets.

Wooden box. Diseased mice. Crank.

How do I get inside the School?
Use the crank on the bell.

The bridge
You will find Waif under the bridge. Try the tickets to Dizzyworld. Ask about bonding plant.

Town hall
You will find the Mayor here. Check out the file cabinet. Many of the hints for the game will be found here.

Old mill
Boos Myller is here. You need to read the files in the Mayor's office on toasting. If you cannot keep up with his drinks....you can always cheat by pouring the drink in the plant. (You need to toast 4 times.)

Basement door
Boos Myller has the keys. How to get them? Ask for the keys before Boos takes his 4th drink!

The town of new west Shanbar

Inn of Isenough
Put the rocks on the nightstand and turn the tuner on the monitor. You will then be able to turn the lights off for a little sleep and dreaming. (without dying)

Have you read up on the survivor game in the mayor's office? Play the game and win and he will give you a sword and a coin.

You will find the blacksmith to be such a nice guy. Go and have a word with him about it. He will give you a letter to give to Ben. Take the letter to Ben and he will give you the real sword. (Have you asked him about the book? He will provide a joke for you.)

General store
You will need to find something to pick the lock. Have you found a box around anywhere? Yes, but doesn't help? Well, throw the box in the incinerator. Did read up on the incinerator in the mayor's office? You will need something to cool the wire. Try filling the flask or thermozz with water.

Pull lever 1 and throw the box in the top. Close lever 1 and pull lever 2. Look in the drawer and you will see the wire. Pour the water on the wire and pick it up. Use the wire to pick the lock to the general store.

Did you shake the cereal box a couple of times? (Put the rats in the wooden box)

The bridge
This is where you will find Ben. Have you shown him any women in photos? Did you get the letter? Have you learned anything from him? Check out his knot!

So you rented a boat and you cannot get it to work! Have you tried the rats from the general store? Seriously. And don't worry - the rats will still be in the boat when you return for your next trip to visit the Witch.

The witch hut
You will want to ask questions before you give her the letter. Ask her about the book. Don't worry about how to get the bats, you'll have to get them on your next trip. For now that is all.

Creeping bogs
There is something you need to help you get out of the bogs. Did you take the witch's stick? You will need it to navigate to find out where you can step in the bogs. Head north and west to get out of the bogs.

The ruins
Have you got that puzzle together yet? (Water) Search for 3 more pieces on the ground where this...

Forest of the spirits
You found a tree with metal leaves? The tree is located east of the entrance. Use your sword on the tree.

What about the bowman you ask? Well, think if there is something to help eyesight? (Give the bowman milk)

So where is the fairy? Go north and west and you will be in the dark! Strike a match and you will find the fairy. You will be given fairy dust. You will need to return to this area again so it is best to map out your directions.

Have you found the tree spirit? No? Maybe those piles of leaves? Throw something at them. You can use your sword to open them up and get back your item.

Have you been through the Troll caverns yet?You need the necklace from the Troll leader.

And that statue? You need to open the statue. Try the sword.

Whispering woods
Are you having trouble with your vision? As with the bowman, use milk on you to help your vision.

How do I get around in here? Have you found something that travels well in the dark? Have you visited Witch Itah again? She will give you permission to take the bats on your 2nd trip. Just follow the bats through the forest. The way through the forest south,south,east,east,south,east,south,east,south,east,north,north,north,east,east,south,south,south,west,south,south

The ferry
"Three rings begin. Two rings return." What does that clue mean? Easy. Ring the bell 3 times to go over and 2 times to get back across.

So you have no coin to get back across? I certainly hope you saved your game! Because he will give you a ride if just SHOW him the coin.

Canuk's shack
Have you found a bottle that has a ship inside? What to do with the scroll? Try feeding it to the duck. Throw the egg and you will have the scroll again. Ducks really know how to recycle! :-)

Try reading the scroll to the duck? Canuk will give you a lot of info. It is best to ask about the bottle last. I would advise you have your game saved if you want to ask about the scroll!

So you found the safe and wonder where is the combo? The combo is on the top sail of the ship in the bottle. (9-4-2-7 for you lazy bums!)

So you do all that to get turned into a duck? How can you stop that spell? You can just reflect it. Try the mirror. It is a good idea to have it out before you leave the bottle!

You might want to find another way out than going back through the forest!!

Pugney's ranch
Have you read up on the guardian in the mayor's office? First talk to him, only after that he'll give you his permission to take the bar box.

Wonder how to get the cow milked? Your hands are too cold, so light the hay with the matches and warm your hands. He still boots you out though. If you need more milk you will need to find his food.

What did Pugney say he eats? Find the carrots. (hint: Seen a silo around? :-) )

The silo
Try turning the crank to open the door to the silo.

Fool's memorial
You will find the book here. You'll need to show to book to everyone. Rebecca, Mayor, Blacksmit and Witch Itah.

Snoot's farm
No one answers the door here. So try another way inside by using the window.

How about Alexis? Is there a way past him? I haven't found one and I doubt there is one. But have you check out the files in the mayor's office on hellhounds?

And did you check out the kitchen? Clean Wait's gift in the sink so that you have another piece of the disc.

Also check for food and get the beef. Cook it in the oven. :-)

Cliffs on depression
Tie the rope to the tree and go on down, it's easy!

The comedy club
Did you listen good to Pugney? You need 4 jokes to win.

Troll caverns
You need a match to solve the light problem but you cannot fight. The solution is to get the helmet from the dwarven mines.

Vulture pits
So the vulture keeps having you for lunch? Don't feed it the rotten meat. Use the fairy dust (from the forest fairy) on the rotten meat first for seasoning. Then throw it in. You will then be able to get the talon.

How do I get back after going to Canuk's shack / the lighthouse?
Did you talk to Canuk about vultures? Did you ask Canuk about the whistle? Did you try blowing the whistle? So you got the vulture but you need a little more. Did you find anything at Canuk's shack to help?

Did you check out the blueprints? Did you check the door? Pry off the magnet with the sword from Canuk's door. Use the magnet with the whistle and the vulture will come and take you anywhere you want to go.

The lighthouse (again)
You have something that the keeper is interested in finding. Maybe something you found at the ruins after you completed the puzzle? Illumynite!

Have you checked outside? Maybe you can do something with that rail? (Try the rope) Remember what the keeper said about the rope? Met anyone that was all tied up? Did you talk to Ben?

Maybe you could use something with that rope? Maybe something to bring it back? Try the talon.

Bel Naire temple
Did you check out the files in the mayor's office? Did you see anything interesting outside? Did you ask about your inventory items? Did you ask about everything? Did you ask about the sword?

Dwarven mines
Did you find a good source of light?
Did they check out your sword? That's good.
Did you find you way through the mines?
If you make a wrong turn you go right back to where you started.
For the exact way through go L,R,S,R,L,R,S,R,L,L,R (That was a pain to get through!)

Ancient ruins
Have you found out who gets what yet? Did you notice a difference about one of the statues? The one in the center is different. So you have to give all the six statues something, the one in the center gets nothing. Here is the items in order from left to right:

Witch's stick
(Center statue gets nothing)
Box and helmet

You know to put the disc in there, don't you? 'Course ya do! It will have to be complete first!

So now how do I get back?
There is another way around. Have you checked out your map lately? How are you going to get back there? Click where you want to go on the map and you will be there!

Citadel of Zork
Have you found a place you cannot pass? Try the Cliffs of Depression and turn around you will have an arrow to the left. So how can you break through that blocked path? Do you remember what Canuk said? Suppose it is an illusion? Know anything that can break illusions? Throw the disc at the blocked path! But you will have to have the disc re-forged for it to work. In that case you need to go back to the ancient ruins.

How do you get past the Orc?
Maybe it would be best if he did not see you?
You did figure out the puzzle from the ruins, didn't you?
So did you make the potion?
Well have a drink.

Have you beat up the orc yet?
Maybe there is another way?
Maybe you should check to files on hellhounds?
Maybe man's best friend can help?
Play the tape of Alexis to the orc.

What about that bridge?
Maybe you should lighten your load? Between downloading and uploading you should get it. You will give up almost all of you items to get across the bridge. All except the photos, recorder, etc.

You might want to save before you go inside. And brush up on your survivor skills. You will have to beat Morphius at the game. There is no real hints here because of the variables.

Just remember how the game is played. AND REMEMBER YOU CAN PASS!! And you finally get to meet Rooper!

For the sake of completion, here are the locations of the disc pieces:

1. The ruins--complete puzzle first
2. Wait's gift--needs to be cleaned
3. Comic club--win contest first
4. Canuk--in bottle with ship
5. Lighthouse--2nd visit
6. Forest of spirits--Boar statue--open with sword

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