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Riddle of Master Lu

Tips & hints
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  • Try to pick up everything that you can examine, even if you don't think you'll be able to. Don't worry, you can't get stuck.

  • Similarly, try to "operate" everything you can't pick up. Gratings that look welded shut may actually swing open.

  • Try to sketch everything you see; this will help keep the Odditorium profitable, while providing you, the player, with amusing cartoons to read.

  • Don't be hesitant to send all oddities you find back to the Odditorium. If you need them for a subsequent puzzle, you can always go back to the Odditorium and retrieve them.

  • Always remember to get local currency from the Posh Express Office upon arriving in a new country.

  • Yes, you can pick up the faucet stem.

  • You'll need to bring some of the exhibits from the Odditorium with you in order to solve some of the trickier puzzle. Don't forget Feng Li's turtle, with the candle on its back.

  • No matter what dumb things you choose for Ripley to say, people will still talk to him. You can outright insult Dr. Twelvetrees, and she'll still give you a kiss in the end.

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