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Risk Deluxe

Tips & hints
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  • Before you even begin to place your troops, you ought to take a moment to analyze your strategy carefully. Whoever does the best calculated placement of troops at the beginning can very well decide the winner of the game.

  • The name of the game says it all. To have any promising dreams of conquering the world, risks must be taken. Being timid and conservative at the beginning of the game will most likely result in a quick exit. Take initiative, gather your forces, and attack!

  • One general strategy you might want to try when you first play the game is to place a large number of troops in one country during the troop placement pre-game process. Then, on your very first turn, rampage through the land and conquer, making sure to leave behind enough troops to adequately defend if the country is adjacent to an enemy's.

  • Remember that you are not required to attack every turn. Spending a turn just placing and moving troops can be very desirable when stacking armies and preparing for an overwhelming assault.

  • When all else fails, try doing what the computer is doing. If the computer is constantly winning, take notice of what it's doing and adopt a similar strategy.

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