Shadow Keep for the Mac

Game map

I've got some maps for Shadow Keep for you. Of course in PICT format for your Mac OS machines. Download it here.

People and their locations

The HermitHermitOn one of two islands in the Kingdom of Shadow Keep
ThaldoInn KeeperInn at the Dune's Burrow (gnome village)
RoderigoI look after the old cemeteryIn hut closest to the sea in village by Shadow Keep
King MondorKingIn the castle
Queen VerrylQueenIn the castle
ChuckJester In the castle, royal chamber. Directly straight up from the entrance of the castle.
Kings GuardsGuardThey dwell in the castle
Kings KnightsKnightThey dwell in the castle
MaldronWizardWanders around the kingdom of Shadow Keep
MiloHis majesty's magical advisorWanders around the kingdom of Shadow Keep
KatrinaTrainerDwells in the castle
SlicerExecutionerIn the castle
Gunther the StrongGiantWanders the kingdom of the Shadow Keep
SpriteHunterBy the magic shop in a piece of land enclosed by mountains and only accessible by water.
LadronThiefWanders the kingdom of Shadow Keep
XalthorLeader of Demon KnightsIn the Catacombs
JohnTrains the Royal Aerial Lance CalvaryIn the dungeon beneath the castle
LagoExplorerIn the village by the castle. House farthest down on the right side of the screen.
AntonioSails the high seasIn the castle

General advice (Q&A)

God of Strength- Cruka
God of Life- Thaltor
God of Magic- Manzor

What's so important about these Gods?
In the Catacombs, guarding the Grail chamber is Xalthor, leader of the Demon Knights. When you first speak to him, he states, "Be warned...only the one who speaks the three scared names of the gods shall be allowed to enter the Grail Chamber. If thou dost know the scared name of the God of Strength, then speak it now!" Then you must type it in, "Cruka." Then one at at time he will ask you the names of the other two gods and you will have to type them in too. When you complete this, he will then disappear and you will be able to enter the Grail Chamber and claim the Grail.

The Point:
The object, or point of the game, is to destroy the Overlord, recover the Ankh and return it to the Temple of Life. When you have completed this, you will be summoned to the castle of Shadow Keep, and made a knighted. And that concludes the game.

What is the "sacred bone" ?
Katrina in the castle speaks of it. The sacred bone is said to be from Sorn himself. The sacred bone is hidden in the dungeon beneath the castle. Only the holder of the sacred bone may pass the guardian and live.

Who is the overlord?
The overlord and his demon knights tried to destroy the kingdom in the battle of the black sword. The overlord hast been in hiding in a vast case below the kingdom since his defeat at the battle of the black sword, but is still determinded to destroy the kingdom of Shadow Keep. The mystical black sword is the only weapon that can destroy the evil overlord.

What about the Valley of the Unicorn?
The valley lies in the north east region of the far land. It's the place where the black sword is hidden. (disregard rumors that claim it is does exist!)

Tell me more about the Black Sword!
It is hidden in a tree in the valley of the unicorn and was lost in battle. It's the only weapon that can destroy the evil overlord and said to have mystical powers. If you talk to the unicorn it will give you a hint about the whereabout of the sword.

Where is the dungeon and what can I find there?
The dungeon is beneath the castle, you'll also find John down there. Pay a visit because you'll find the sacred bone and the amulet here.

What about the amulet Thaldo speaks of?
You need it. You'll find it in the dungeon.

What about this Great Sea talk?
Forget about it. Don't waste your time looking for a passage to it because there isn't one.

Where is the the Far Land?
The far land is beyond the great sea. A great labyrinth also leads to the far land.

What about the Labyrinth?
The labyrinth leads to the far land. The gods will guide you through the labyrinth, if you enter into it holding the amulet. (so grab it first!) The entrance to the labyrinth is hidden inside a gnome hut in the gnome village of Dune's Burrow.

What about this stolen Ankh thing?
Obviously you missed out something :-) The ankh was stolen from the temple of life, by the evil overlord. You must find and return the stolen ankh to the temple of life.

Who is Sorn?
Sorn was a powerful wizard that died many years ago. He is the one who built the guardian.

What about the Guardian?
The guardian was built long ago by Sorn the wizard. Only Katrina can tell you how to pass the guardian. (hint: you need the sacred bone!)

Where is the Grail?
Undead demon knights guard the grail but you need it as a protection from the overlord's magic. It is located deep within the catacombs.

Quill of Transport
Legend says that the druids transported themselves to the far land, through the shrine of the air gods using the quill of transport.

Where are the Druids I hear of?
There are none, they all disappeared many years ago. But they're the ones who built the shrine of the air gods.

What about the cemetery I get warned of?
Townspeople will warn you about the place. But heck, do we care? It is located in the southwest corner of the kingdom and yes, you'll eventually have to go there despite the warnings.

Who are the Demon Knights?
The demon knights roam the catacombs and do not like to be disturbed. Unfortunately, you'll have to. They're the elite legion of the overlord and guard the holy grail.

How do I enter the catacombs?
You can enter them through the old cemetery. The catacombs contain the remains of the undead demon knights. I suggest that before you explore the catacombs, you know these two things: the "turn undead" spell and the names of the three gods.

What is the enchanted Orchid?
Like the hermit states, it's an orchid hidden in the living forest, near the temple of life.

How do I obtain the magic shamrock?
A mermaid will give you the shamrock, but only if you have the enchanted orchid in hand. The mermaid can be found in the sea directly above the castle.

What and where is the Temple of Life?
The life force of the entire kingdom flows through the temple of life. It's the place where the ankth was stolen from and is located in the southeast region of the kingdom, in the living forest.

Where is the Temple of Magic?
The temple of magic is located in the far land. The god of magic will show favor when you donate in this temple (you will receive magic points.)

Where is the Temple of Strength?
The god of strength will show favor to a generous warrior if you donate in this template (you will receive magic points.)

What about these Leprechauns?
Leprechauns sometimes hide their gold in trees.

Where is Shadow Keep located?
You can find it in the northwest corner of the kingdom.

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