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  • Place your elevators carefully. They require the equivalent of two office spaces between each shaft. If you don't plan for that, you could have to remove and replace several elevators as your tower and your traffic grows.

  • Best way to schedule elevaters seems to be to set them for local traffic and one floor on the Waiting Car Response. Ignore the Standard Floor Departure setting.

  • Don't put anything beside your recycling centers. As your tower grows, you'll need more of these and they need to be adjacent to each other to work.

  • Avoid building condominiums. The tenants are ever unhappy, and when they move, you have to refund the selling price. (the early stages are an exception when you need cash fast. Build them for $80,000 and sell them for $150.000. It's a good profit as long as you can keep it.

  • Offices are the key. They fill up fastest and stay the happiest. If you need to increase your population to reach a new star level, add a bunch of offices.
Author: Dan Radmacher

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