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Don't start a new game immediately, but play the tutorial first. You'll be able to keep the items and money you get which makes for an easier start.

My but Castle Hall is a busy place. What with all those people, all those guards, and so much to see. See Taskmaker first. You can shop later. Why? Well, then you can find out where everything is and you won't bump into the TM a second time after you've got the job. Is he really as nice as he seems or is he walking the edge here? Ah seduction is such a subtle thing.

Be sure you find the secret wall to the key shop which is somewhere in the Food Galleria. Don't hesitate to pick up the gems and coins you'll find lying around. There's a broad sword in the north-west corner by the orc. And a hidden entrance there too!

A visit to the arms place and the magic potions shop is also helpful. And there's another hidden entrance by the arms dealer south of the bank. (if you're on the spot where the short bow is, you're very hot!) It leads to his home and goodies. Ditto for an area near to the potion shop. As you explore, you'll find that some vices and other pleasures are, shall we say, moralized upon somewhat. You'll discover that throughout this game. Things are not always what they seem, that taking the high road is important, and to trust your instincts. Now enough of the Yoda speak.

The first task is: Go NORTH WEST to Skysail village and retrieve a package TM has safely hidden and entrapped in his lair. Simple enough.

Remember the caveat: Don't come back until you have served me well. If you come back unsuccessful he screams at you about how simple the task is and offers a small hint. Screams? What kind of a man is this? Not super patient. And subsequent encounters repeat his invective.

Having explored all I care to and decided to be all I can be, I follow the brown path to the left of the castle and go on until I run into Skysail. Once inside I turn right and go down to a path that seems to end then turns left again.

Looking closely I see, a trap. When I step on it, I see my first enemy, a small goblin. I have to defeat several to claim my reward. But it is worth it. Leather Gloves are a 2 on the armor scale and add to your overall protection.

When a monster makes the squiggle that says he's almost spent and he is withdrawing, you can withdraw a step or two yourself to REST. This allows you to prepare for the next battle. Also, if you choose, you can lob arrows at the poor beast who will not come out to attack you, even though he will die soon. So you are safe, and he or she is dead!

Save the game when you hear the squiggle sound. Ff you make a mistake, or throw your valuable weapons into the water, you can hit COMMAND + O to open, click NO on the dialog box and then continue from where you were. Saves weapons and also fighting the same battle five different times.

Next there's a room full of curtains. The first one (North) has a pair of leather boots. You don't have to kill the townie to get the boots. Relax and rest, then grab them when you can. Immediately south is a good meal for you. Check out the trash. Skeleton keys are in the strangest places. Room 3 is bones and room 4 (south of it) is a nice spear. Room 5. Galloping Goblins!

Open curtains, then back up a step. When someone enters this doorway, press action and close the curtains. This will prevent the hordes behind the curtains from attacking you all at once. It also allows you time for R and R between engagements. (Don't forget to save.)

Room 5 has gold, food, axe, sword and a kinky little whip. Get it all. And then save. You can always sell the stuff you don't use. And in case you haven't done so, wield two weapons at once. I've found shields are not nearly (Read NEVER) as useful as a good weapon or two.

Next on our tour is a maze like building with a wooden floor. Just keep a wall on your right and follow it around. There's all sorts of goodies here. (The building is North East of the Fountains) Including a secret door and an ATM. USE IT! It'll free up your pouch for other stuff. Right across from the maze is a building of two doors inside. (And some food and another sword) get em all, especially the wand of lightning. Other highlights include. The secret right behind the END sign and more.

But enough of this stuff. What about the final conflict? Sooner or later you'll wander into a place with a blue floor. But you can't get to it. Go outside and follow your way around the building until you find the secret entrance. It's gold. Two white gargoyles block your way. back up so you face them one at a time, rather than both at once. And, if you're like me, you may need to rest one or two turns to get back your strength so you can fight some more. Life.

Click the buttons and use the Potion o' Plenty immediately. You'll be glad you did. Gather up all the gold, even if you have to leave some other stuff behind. Then exit, use the ATM and return for the rest.

Sell extra stuff before you see TaskMaker. He has a reward for you and he gets really angry when your pouch is too full. I always PUT ALL right by the throne (3 steps south of it) then approach only with the one item he wants, leaving plenty of room for rewards. In this case he said: I am very proud of you, here's some magic, blah, blah, blah. You get 5 instant vacations. Cool. And ....

I need to play with pawns. Bring me the chess board which is hidden in the stone compartment of my lair in the NE town of Quietwater. Nice guy. Who is the pawn here? Do YOU know? Ahh, seduction. Ever notice how his eyes shift occasionally, but they never look at you?

By the way, this would be a good time to sell the ethereal potion and get other stuff. Like, a joke is always helpful to your spirit.

Starting from the North East, there is a building with two doors. Behind them are three lesser lizards and some cured leather armor (10) Get it and wear it. Somewhere nearby is a stone compartment with a nice silver helmet. (Did you know you can use the 1, 3, 7 and 9 to move diagonally?)

By the sign JUSTICE there is a teleporter and a businessman. Divest all unneeded arms and use the ATM. Then you can see where the teleporter goes. Don't panic. These centipedes can't hit the broad side of a barn or even you when you're resting. Lots of experience and a bronze bow! best of all, there's money and between the gold pieces is the switch that makes the teleporter come back.

Take a walk in the woods for a protection ring and a bronze helmet. Keep one, sell the other. In the house by the woods is a lot of neat stuff you can sell for profit. Just past the house is a black passwall. Open the safe. You'll be glad you did. And read the book immediately. You'll know it was a bright idea.

North of this is the crab claw, a tough fight for sure. But, you can have some easy times if you first use your bow to get the lizard trapped behind the bars. he's got a wand you can USE against the crab. But it's worth it. The silver axe is just killer (60 damage). Also there are two silver shields somewhere... Just right for selling.

Keep looking. Soon you'll have two silver axes, if you're lucky. Check out granny's house. And the earthen maze takes you to a teleporter. Where could that go? Out of keys? Oops! Try the trash. It worked once, after all. Remember to push the buttons before teleporting out.

The next two places to visit are the earthen room and the room exactly opposite the food, health, magic place. One requires keys and the other, the action button. Both are worth exploring for the gold, goodies and more. And the diamond switch is here too! (Doesn't the diamond bridge look like it's giving you the finger?)

Once you've found all three of the switches, you're ready to cross the bridge, when you come to it, of course. Then the next and the next. Don't hit the switch, but choose the action when you're at the box. And .... TaskMaker sounds when you're right. Doesn't he sound like Darth Vader? Just a thought.

The reward is a sword to better slice and dice the enemies with. Doesn't that sound a bit menacing. like you're now a junior Stormtrooper, whose duty is not to question, but rather to kill on command? The task? Kill the rebels who have taken over the mine and bring back a chalice.

But first. Use that teleport scroll to get behind the TM into his sanctum. There's all sorts of great stuff there that can help you out. But first, go to the NW corner to turn off the switches for Castle Hall. There's even some nice leather armor there for you to sell...

Of course if I have the Passwall left I pack it and a teleport scroll, together and put everything else down someplace safe. Why? So I can go into the bank and get cash I need to buy a food ring. Once you own a food ring you never go hungry (and think how much pouch space you save...)

Remember, you'll need two teleports to go anywhere. One to get in and one to get out... (And a gold long sword and a vorpal blade is a pretty lethal combination..., especially with the guided bow and Gold Plate mail for armor.) The down side is that you need to open without saving a lot until you happen to land exactly where you want to be. Some of the battles are tough, but, the rewards are worth it!

Silver Creek is north and east of Quietwater. It's a Ôpeaceful' town. If you go forward, you'll run right into the ATM machines. North is a bar, of sorts. A nice black walled prison has some goodies too! All in all there's nothing special here.

Follow the path (?) around the lake until you come to the dock. (It's on the other side of the lake, and the dock juts backward away from you like a fish hook. If you get stuck, save, magic map, then open without saving.) Be sure to get the gold sword and the silver helmet before you enter the cave. Now PUT all the stuff you aren't going to need outside the cave. (The more room in your pouch to bring home the booty with, and you can return for this stuff later.)

Be ready for a fight immediately. There's beasties just spoiling for a fight all over the place down here. Bet you're glad the TM gave you that cuisinart now? It sometimes seems that his contempt for the people of the place is well earned ...

Boy, there's more silver lying around here than a mint. And some nice boots of Agility you should wear immediately. There's a switch room on the far right above the drawbridge. DON'T KILL THE GRUBBLE! He be a good guy. (And he is a hell of an opponent). The correct order of switches is: Pink Square and Blue Star ON: The other two OFF.

When you come out, you may notice, oh say, ten opponents. Back up into the doorway so you only have to hit them one at a time. They'll all dispatch fairly easily. Then, cross the two drawbridges and use the ATM. (Far left) Now, I know you want to explore, but there is so much more to get. Go up and find the magic wand, and then check out the garbage. There's three piles of trash all together and fifteen special presents there that I bet you just can't wait to get back to the ATM.

Now check out the mine! Lots of silver. Lots of trips to the ATM. For best results, walk on the rough rocks between the evacuated rows. That will allow you to cover two aisles at once. You just need to turn and get from either side. And the Zoom Shield in the bottom left is better than you would think. Try it sometime.

Now the three red paths. The far right takes you to the john. The second one leads to some black stones. Ah ha! Now you'll see why the switch is supposed to be off. Silver and battles await. Be ready! But the payoff is worth it. You get to hit another switch. Boy oh. Then find the stairs on the bottom left after going to the ATM.

Going down? Use action to open door, then hold down the f key for fighting. Rest and recuperate. Open the door to the Taskmaker floor style. The object of your quest is here. Grab it and listen for Darth to tell you you're right. And don't forget your stuff you left outside.

You get a suit of bronze chain mail as a reward to protect yourself. Good deal. And a new task.

In the interior of the Arbalest Catacombs is a graveyard with a magic book. Guess who gets to rob the grave for the Taskmaker. Before you go, sell as much as you can to upgrade your armor and/or weapons. Get keys! Lots and lots of keys. (There is a secret wall in the food kiosk on the north side...) Now go.

This place is straight south and then east through some trees. The purple and yellow floor leads to two crab claws when you press the button. On the north side of the obvious graveyard is a set of three doors. Only one teleport you to the other side. (Go west young adventurer.)

OK. That's just great. Here I am and I have no idea where I am. Go north as far as you can and enter the first room you encounter. A walkway, cool. And cool stuff, including a passwall, which you should use in the maze later. (To flip the switch!!)

The next door south has a room full of arrows and a fancy floor. Open and fight, they'll line up for the slaughter. The next door has the wererats, and gives you access to the odds and ends store and a star switch. In the SW corner of the wererat cavern (to the left of the opening where the odds and ends shop is, is a room filled with nasties. Rest, then open the door, if you dare. They're called Gaffles. Annoying aren't they? And Don't bother with the door in the green room (through the secret wall). It only goes outside where you've been before.)

Down the hall from the Odds is a chamber of three containers. Find the wisdom teeth if you can. Then follow around until you get to the Star button. Go down Taskmaker floor or door. Hmm.

The door leads to a corridor of doors. And a pretty red one. The red one teleports you somewhere. And the results are, shall we say ...

Well you'll eventually end up in a corridor of eight doors which lead you to a number of switches and minor beasties. Hit the switches and the fun begins. (And you can get out now too if you want...)

The bars and the room of undead. Wield a bow and pick them off at your leisure. Lots of experience and it's what you need. Then look carefully when you enter this mausoleum. You can bend bars and run back to the ATM.

In the room of orcs, check the switches, secret doors and the inevitable compartments. The ladder takes you up to the secret compartment with goodies, like gain agility. Go north and through the secret area to hit the switch. Then go up the stairs outside and explore.

The doppelganger room has nothing really. But leads everywhere. Especially to a walkway to gaining stamina.

There are traps in the golem room nearby, Let them out one at a time. Rest between battles. (This room leads out to the infamous red room from before. Which leads us back to the Taskmaker floor. (Teleport to the steps, if you dare...)

The earthen maze has lots of stuff. Explore it all. But be sure to take the right ladder up and out .... (it's the one with the Minotaur..) it goes right to the real graveyard. Dig and get the stuff, but don't leave, or at least when you leave, consider coming back. There's plenty more for you here. Lots of experience and money.

Including: Treasure room, boat room and more! Explore if you like.

Task 5
You are doing fine. Here is a finely woven cloak to aid in your development. (Elven cloak) Go to Quagmire Estates and remove his stuff. Oh boy. Oh girl. Oh dad. Oh ....

Bottom Left is the wet dungeon.

Come on in, set a spell. There's lots to see and lots to do. Follow the wall on the north side of you until you come to a cut that serves as a doorway. Behind a small barred pool, there's a belt of strength. It's worth money. Might as well grab it.

Right behind the pool is a room with a green floor (and one door). Open it and get ready for the attack of two invisible stalkers. They're tough mothers. But you get a gold helmet, some power and other goodies. North is a pen of a couple of annoyances. Grab the stuff, then figure out some place to store all your loot ... or you could find the ATM, south and slightly east of the exit sign.

Speaking of south. There's riches down there. Gold shields and more! Extra etherealness, gain muscles, gain health. All south in the maze like area. Hey. I'm not gonna spoon feed you! Explore it yourself. or lose out. Your choice. Once you've got all you want, go east, young man, go east.

If and ATM doesn't work once, it will work a second time.

Sure, you can enter the first alcove north through the passwall into the TaskMaker floor, but explore. Now why would there be Ethereal potions lying around? Perhaps to pass through walls? Your choice.

Sooner or later you'll have to teleport. Remember one thing. Don't kill the guards. Bestow something... like a silver helmet... Keeps you clean and that's what is important.

There are five ships down here. Take one of them and sail into the black. It'll appear in the outer Terra, ready for you to use later. Now go on back in.

Sooner or later you'll run into the Captain of the guard and the cave that leads down.... Don't kill him. He can't hurt you. But ... if you have to fight other beasties, at least do it from the ship, where you can back up and not be hurt while you rest. Now welcome to the Poet's Nightmare, one of the areas I hate the most.

Use the stairs and fight like the dickens. Avoid the ladders, as much as possible. They only confuse the issue. Deep thoughts and Christine's scroll are great. But sooner or later you're gonna get to the conveyor belt maze. Then use the passwall or ethereal to get into the Spade switch. Then you just have to be patient until you can teleport out. The room of switches is a bitch, but it'll come to you. Everything you need is on the wall in front of you. (IE each bank of switches is exclusive to the obstacle you face. Sort of.)

Sail the ship across the wide sea to the stairs. Teleport to the conveyor and go between the spades. Hit the star switch and go down the stairs, taking the steps at the end of the corridor you are in. Kill some snakes and .... go up the star stairs to the teleporter... then down the hole. There's a ladder somewhere in the fire room ... and due west on the concrete is ..... a set of stairs. hope you pushed the button ...

In the SE corner is a hole. Where's it go? Better not, Batman.

Up the stairs is Happy Town. Happy Town is a modern sin city. It sucks. Door is SE .Stairs are NW.

You get a gold protection ring for your efforts. And you get to enter Enitsrihc (that's Christine spelled backwards for you Stephen King fans) to steal their coat of arms. Nasty. But before you go, don't forget to recover any caches of loot you left in the Quagmire and sell them. Kindof saexist to be entering this place no matter how you spell it.

I'll start our south today. And right into a maze. But wait. there's a secret passage right by the ? in the bottom right corner. And through here is a room of six switches. They could release a golem or five... Or if you go to the middle one on the right .... More golems far left for wussies. All the others for adventurers. Watch yourself. Christine gets pretty mad when you take her stuff!! As a matter of fact they're all pissed off. Do you think this was the right thing to do after all?

You get ten diamonds as a minor token of esteem. And a new task. Bring in the head of the rebellious scum who would overthrow TM. Is this what you bargained for? Ah seduction. You don't even question now, do you?

Go to Fierce Fold, which is due east and south a little bit. This will show you the way. Nasty teleport trap isn't it? The secret is here ... somewhere. Keep at it. It's actually fun, if you let it be.

Inside Dripstone? Good. To the left of the food court is a room with doors. Rest, then go for it! There's a spark chain somewhere in here.

North of the food court is another room. Get the Reaper's Scythe, the gold plate mail, press the TM, blue star, pink square and yellow diamond buttons/switches. (Always after me Lucky Charms!!) Go to the bar and wait for the beasties to come for you!! They'll be along shortly. The second square up on the wall in the bar is a secret passage. Dare you?

This passage leads to lots and lots of golems. Lots of experience and lots of fun to fight. Hey Rock Golem! How B-52's. Then steel golem. (Why don't we Steel Away!!) Then the head.

Go to the head of the class. You get a Lancelot Helm to help you keep your head. The next mission is: Raid a cave and return Pentamerous' Bones. This is a challenge.

Before you go, consider the castle in the middle of the desert. Lupercilia Lemma. No task, but experience.

Pentamerous is designed to protect a holy man's resting place. Still think you're on the side of the good guys.

Switches: Red Heart to Yellow Diamond to a switch to the Grim Reaper to the Purple Star to the Pink Square to a series of curtains to the Blue Circle.

Once you're in, the Slay Blade is yours for beating the Berserker. But it's a two handed weapon, so you'd be working in the dark.... Follow your instincts to find the Shamrock Switch. (All teleports are not the same -- HINT).

The teleport field is a pain in the neck. Keep trying. (HINT. Use the 1 key once then hold onto the 3 key on the numeric keypad....)

The only curtain worth opening is the first one. If you checked more then YOU ARE TOO GREEDY!

Go North on the white (metal floor) road. I suggest two weapons and an illuminate spell. There are just too many baddies to fight with one hand. And isn't the rib room with all the fires somewhat disquieting? And isn't Death a bitch?

You get to wish for any object. Gee, thanks Q. The dreams of avarice fill your mind....And a task. Get the crown from Vidair's Tower in the NE. (You'll need a boat from Quagmire to get there...)

What did you wish for? Greedy!! Excalibur Anyone?

Not to seem ungrateful, but this one is up to you. Get all the stuff. Good Luck.

I only demand one more task before I set you free. An evil prisoner is contained within my floating prison. Ruin him! Destroy him! Murder him!

Please listen carefully. If you return without this deed done, I shall consider you a failure and unfit to unleash upon the world. Now leave me!

Are you even going? One task. One decision. What to do, what to do ....

Well, did you beat him?

When you do, you'll get to pull the strings. And you'll get to see how a dungeon is made.

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