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The Dark Eye

Tips & hints
The Dark Eye mac game graphics
  • There is a very important clue in the opening sequence: look for any and all objects that might be capable of creating a reflection of yourself.

  • Within the tale of "The Tell-Tale Heart," if you are the young man, you may have to try certain actions twice.

  • To find the narrated poem "Anabell Lee," you must make a literal "leap" of faith.

  • Often, events depend upon the passage of time. Look for objects that indicate time passing (clocks, wilting flowers) and touch them to make time pass. If all else fails, look out a window.

  • There is no penalty for exiting a sequence before it is complete. Your progress is automatically saved when you exit.

  • Often, places or objects that were formerly off limits or inactive will become useful - return to interesting areas several times for new developments.

  • You can track your progress while inside the house by going to Uncle Edwin's gallery next to his study on the first floor. Also, the canvas at his easel will change after a sequence is completed.

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