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Transylvania mac game graphics

Game map

We've acquired a map of Transylvania for your adventuring pleasure. Download the map in .pict format from our server!


Transylvania has some things randomly happen, which is why you should save your game a lot. So when a giant eagle decides to swoop down and stick you in some strange place - just restore that save game.

  • When you start you're at some old stump, don't mess with it. Know we gotta go get a silver bullet. Head ...

  • north,west,north,north

  • Now - go wagon, open coffin, get bullet, down.

  • Now we are going to go after a pistol, this is a tough one.

  • Go east, east, north, east

  • Go house, up

  • A werewolf has probably been following you huh? well if not - don't worry he'll be around soon :-)

  • Keep going up and down ( 'u' & 'd' ) between the attic and the first floor of the house until you have a free turn to grab the pistol in the attic. Get pistol.

  • If the werewolf didn't appear again type "load pistol".

  • If he did just keep going up & down again until you get a chance to load your pistol.

  • When the werewolf appears again, type "shoot werewolf".

  • Ok, now it's dead. Get back to the first floor of the house (if you aren't already there).

  • Go east, west, west

  • Get cross and go south, east, north, north

  • Now there should be a vampire. If not, cruise arond the castle until one appears and type "show cross", then "drop cross".

  • Get back to the main hall (if you aren't already there).

  • Go north, down, down, down

  • Open coffer, get ring and save your game, really!

  • Now we gotta get a potion

  • Go up, up, up, south, south, south, east, east.

  • Say "ijnid" (to the goblin creature) and get key.

  • Go north, north, west.

  • Move gravestone, unlock grate, go grate, get potion.

  • Next up: Getting a wizard's cloak.

  • Drop key and go up, south, south.

  • Go cabin, pull horns, get cloak, pull horns and go west , north, north, west, wave ring

  • Now you've freed some alien (?) dude and he's going return with something.

  • In the meantime let's kill some time waiting for that alien.

  • Go south, south, south, east, north, north, north, west, south, south, south, east, north, north (almost done - keep going!) north, west, south, south, north, north, north, west.

  • There! now you should be at a flying saucer (or whatever it really is?)

  • Go saucer. Now you got a little black box.

  • Go east, south, east, north, north, north, up

  • Climb the ladder, get vines, push button, wave potion, pour potion, clap and the princess is awake!

  • Get princess and go down, down, south, south, south, west, south, south, south.

  • Sail boat - and off you go!

  • Congratulations, you beat Transylvania :-)

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