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  • The course and bearing readouts in the scope/binocular reticles do not furnish information for the attack angle. The U-Boat commander had to estimate the angle of attack by what he saw through his scope.

    Example: If he saw a ship apparently headed in a direction, he would set his angle of attack indicator to match it. And so must you.

  • Do not use the sight adjusting arrows in the scope to scan the horizon. It will take you forever and is not necessary in any case as your exec has already performed that task when he raised the scope.

    If there is a ship anywhere in the vicinity, it will be immediately visible when you step up to the eyepiece.

  • Torpedo tube 5 is the single stern tube. Its torpedo will fire accurately only if the difference between the bearing to the target and your course is at least 90. (In other words, turn away from the target to fire stern torpedo.)

  • Your Type VII carries 20 rounds of 88mm ammunition for its deck gun. Target aquisition is the job of the gun crew, you simply order them to fire.

    Keep in mind that the range of an 88 is much greater than a torpedoes! If you can still see the ship you have a chance of hitting it.

    Successive hits on a merchant ship will slow its speed until it is dead in the water. Cannon fire is ineffective against capital ships and large liners though.

  • If you run aground while on the surface - back off. If you instead drive the boat further aground, you will become hopelessly stuck there, ending that patrol. If you hit bottom while submerged however, attempting to back off can prove disastrous. Instead come up a few meters.

  • If you click just below the down arrow (or just above the up arrow) in the log, you can scroll it in chunks.

  • Don't waste time staring at the chart if you have another ship visible on the horizon. Your navigator is not there to update events. (He's at his battle station, and that's where you should be too.)

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