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Cheat codes
Unreal mac game graphics
ALLAMMOGives you 999 ammo for all of your guns.
FLYLets you fly around.
WALKReturns you to walking mode if you are flying or ghosting.
GHOSTLets you walk through walls.
GODMakes you invulnerable to all attacks.
SUMMONLets you add a weapon or an item to the world. (e.g. SUMMON NALI, SUMMON SKAARJWARRIOR)
PLAYERSONLYFreezes time. Press again to resume time passage.
OPEN MAPNAMEJump to any map, just enter the name like OPEN DIG.
BEHINDVIEW 1Puts you in Tomb Raider style view.
BEHINDVIEW 0Resets this.
FLUSHIf you start getting weird garbage graphics on wall textures or creatures, type this to fix it.

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