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Velikiye Luki

Tips & hints
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Tips on the Axis campaign

  • It is inevitable that the front will collapse initially. Do not waste men in holding objectives against overwhelming odds.

  • Collapse your forces toward the town and attempt to entrench those parts of the town that are not already fortified. Figure out what you will need (or what you have available) to hold Velikiye Luki.

    Remember that every unit that gets trapped in the town represents more mouths to feed from the limited stockpile of the garrison. Maintain defensive supply to your surrounded troops in the city as long as possible, because they will be too weak in minimal supply to hold the line.

  • Brandenburgers must not be wasted in front line combat no matter how critical the situation. Hold them in reserve, directly behind the front.

    Once your line infantry and armor units make an opening in the front line (which they will now be too tired to exploit), send the Brandenburgers through to paralyze the supply system of the Soviets. Two units of Brandenburgers should operate together as a minimum when hunting down Russian HQs.

    It is necessary to soften up the Russian HQ to be attacked with artillery fire for at least two to three turns. This will generally result in a kill, instead of a long running engagement.

  • It is not possible, under historical supply conditions, for more than 2 to 3 Axis divisions to be in anything more than minimal supply during the Axis offensive portion of the game.

    The other units must dig in / fortify, and ride out the inevitable Soviet attacks. In the last week of the operation, probably only one reinforced division will be able to maintain the offensive, most likely in defensive supply.

  • Any unit that has orders to fortify or dig in when an enemy unit moves adjacent will cease to make further progress in completing the fortification. This is exactly as it should be and the way the manual states.

    However, the manual does not state that the unit will continue to try to complete the fortification, thus raking up a tremendous fatigue factor (all the way to 15, i.e. the walking dead).

    The only way to avoid this is to give orders to the specific unit to stop building the fortification. You must go in to the unit command bar, which appears on the bottom of the screen, to accomplish this. Very annoying if you forget to do it, and a few turn later you realize that your battalion is ready to collapse from exhaustion

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