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You Don't Know Jack: Volume 2

Tips & hints
You Don't Know Jack: Volume 2 mac game graphics
  • Remember you can add a second keyboard on your ADB chain (after shutting down the Mac!) or USB port and have players sit a little further apart from each other. Another solution is to use a Gamepad or Joystick etc. and use the Control Panel settings to make one of the fire buttons act as a Q, B, or P button.

  • One of the key winning strategies, besides having a head for esoteric trivia and knowing 70's tv shows, is to relax your eyes when a question comes on the screen. As Nate begins to talk, scan the question ahead for key phrases to try and grasp the gist of the question.

    At least let the beginning of the answers appear on the screen. If you buzz too fast Nate will make you answer by having to type in the answer without seeing the four options.

  • One of the best times to "Screw Your Neighbors" is after a second player has already been screwed. Here's why: If you are player 3, and player 2 nails player 1 with a screw, they're usually up a creek (if obviously no one knows it).

    If player 1 gets it wrong, NOW is the time to screw 2 because player 2 probably didn't know the answer either. This could rocket 2 in the lead (after all, now there is a 30% chance of guessing it right) but the gamble may pay off. Better yet, if you successfully screw player 2, then there is now a 50% chance of you getting the answer correct, period.

  • During the Jack Attack, let your eyes relax and keep them slightly unfocused near the middle of the screen. They will naturally move to where the answers float in, and you can react.

    If the answer is incorrect move your eyes back to the middle of the screen and take the few seconds to try and anticipate what the correct answer must be. The best Jack Attack players are ones who pretty much know what they need to buzz in BEFORE the answers begin floating in.

  • Another key strategy is to try and keep control of the board by around question 4 and question 13. The DIS OR DAT questions tend to appear in the middle of each round, and you want to be in control of choosing the category when DIS OR DAT appears, since it is pretty easy money.

  • Choosing categories is about the only control you have in the game. Try and play to your neighbor's weak spots, but always realize category names are not always what they appear to be.

    My opponents try to avoid questions dealing with Mythology (a strong suit of mine) but always gravitate towards music questions, where I die. The majority of games I have lost in Jack occurred when someone else controlled the Jack Attack and got a music question option, and I was left in the dust.

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