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Zeddas: Servant of Sheol mac game graphics
  • Your initial work is to move all of the pages, one by one, to form the library where the witch will translate. The one to pay attention to most is the one about "13 times the bells rings to open the door into the sky, a cross will point the way". This is the hardest key to get.

  • Once the pages are moved, go to the kitchen and defeat the flying food. (Its easier to do if you keep the cursor near the top center and hit the utensils as they first come at you.)

    The ring you get will be used to keep monsters at bay in the dungeons. Get used to grabbing it off the Hand of Glory and waving it at things. Like the candle, it is used a lot.

  • Use the candle whenever you see something combustible that is not lit (a candelabra, an unlit candle, etc.) Also, it can occasionally "release the magic" from something. It is also used after chiming the bell 13 times.

  • Stuck on the swords - make sure to overlay them while click-dragging and set one right on top of the other. Keep holding the mouse button down until the swords change places.

  • If you can't get the fountain to cause the door to open, check the books in the library (they also provide the key to a few other puzzles including the sword puzzle and the recipe for the cauldron and the tarot card set.) Note that 3 of the symbols are washed out as if by water. Use those.

  • At the cauldron, save before trying any of the recipes. Only one works, the others just kill you.

  • Keys: The key to the tower is unlocked by lighting the floating candelabra upstairs. The key to the dungeon is found in the tower by ringing the bell 13 times and using the candle on it and then going to the left.

    The final key must be gained by answering the Dominatrix in the dungeon in her rooms by letting her know that no, you don't like her or want to go to the dungeon, but yes, you want to fix things, and yes, you want to do so right away. Once she leaves, her fireplace is accessible. Grab the rotating things to get the third key.

  • Avoid the well and the glowing shafts of light in the secret panels in the dungeon or in talking to the women in the "three women room." They just teleport you far back in the game for annoyance sake.

    Similarly, in the gnomes keg room, don't touch the chest. You gain nothing but more wear and tear on your boots. The mine cart is worse - going down the ladder not only takes time, but the cart always kills you.

  • You cannot get the best ending without talking to the headless witch on the second level.

  • The second and third level are split into two parts. The second level's two parts are accessed through a secret passage which is in line with the long hall with the chain pull. The chain pull drops you down to the third level on either side depending on which chain you pull (there is a chain hallway on each side of the secret door on the second level.)

  • The combination lock on the second level is a bit annoying. The "clues" to it are a series of letters scattered about the second level, but their order is not made clear. You may have to play with it to get it right.

  • When approaching Zeddas, you'll drop the 3 skulls (gained by getting the 3 virtues) in the door. When approached by the minion, snub him when he asks for the final key and scare him away with the ring.

  • Did I mention you must see the headless witch on level two before finishing? :-) Thus, when the Eagran sword is ready for you to pull out to fight, the skull's single eyesocket will glow.

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