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ZOA: Zone of Avoidance

Tips & hints
ZOA: The Zone of Avoidance mac game graphics
  • The Mother Ship is open on both ends, therefore, if you have overflown the entrance facing the Space Station you can accelerate over the Mother Ship and enter from the rear.

  • After shooting the engine of the Mother Ship you can fly straight through and exit the other side.

  • On any level where you have successfully prevented any damage to the Space Station you will be guided back in for docking with the tractor beam from the station.

  • The easiest way to blow up the Command Ship reactor is to enter the aft entrance, hit the reactor with your laser and immediately cut your thrust. You will "back out" as the command ship continues forward and down.

    But if you really want to cowboy it, upgrade your ship with Engine Speed on levels 1-4, then after you hit the reactor, max your thrust and you can punch out through the forward entrance easily.

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