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Zone Warrior

Tips & hints
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  • In order to proceed up the ladder of levels uninterrupted it is necessary to conserve your missiles. This can be accomplished by saving your game before entering the rear of the command ship.

  • During a massive Raider attack, you are particularly vulnerable to a collision, especially if you sit on the same flight path and blast away at the incoming raiders.

    The best bet is to vaporize one or two then change your flight path before seeking additional targets.

  • While you are busy fending off bad guys, enemy marauders will attach, separate and tow away sections of the space station.

    If these marauders are destroyed before getting to far away from the space station the removed section will slowly drift back into position and reattach.

    Part of your score is determined by the number of intact sections, so if you wait around for the reattachment before docking, your score will be higher than if you had docked immediately.
Author: Bill Gilette

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