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Civil War

Tips & hints
Robert E Lee 1bit black & white portrait from the game

Tips on playing as the South

  • Don't start going on the offense or you'll be crushed. Instead, try to fortify your positions and steadily deplete the Yankee player's manpower. Defending Virigina is excellent for that due to its fortifications.

  • Right after the start, the computer player will usually try to overrun you in Virigina. Don't let it happen or you're lost. Immediately move your forces there, including the artillery, as soon as you get it.

  • When in battles, try to encircle the enemy to increase damage. Use the territory to your advantage by placing defenders on bunkers, trenches or mountains.

  • Always retreat your armies if you're offered the opportunity, so they can regain strength while resting a turn. The South does not have many units, so don't waste any on the battlefield.

Tips on playing as the North

Sorry, I haven't played as the North yet :-)

Will add content if I should give it a try. But feel free to share your insights with me, please :-)

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